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Wonder Woman: New Trailer

I'll reiterate what I mentioned from the previous trailer, this looks absolutely amazing. Every time we get new promotional material I'm just in awe with how good it looks. The cinematography, the era and costumes, how utterly beautiful Gal Gadot looks especially in the Wonder Woman armor, the graceful way the fighting scenes look, the music particularly her theme which always gets me so hyped up, jfc. We've waited so long for Wonder Woman's story to be told on the big screen, and we're finally getting it real soon. What a time to be alive. I'm only hoping that it is as good as the trailers make it seem.

It was recently confirmed that Wonder Woman is bisexual in the comics, and I do hope that, should this film succeed and create a franchise, they'll actually explore more of her sexuality in the future. If not, well, I'm hoping that it will at least spawn more adaptations of her story (television, webseries, etc.) and for them to be inclusive in that sense.
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