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In less depressing news...

Agents of Shield, 4.01 - 4.06

I love everything involving Robbie Reyes, his character is such a nice addition to the cast and seeing the backstory to him becoming Ghost Rider and dealing with everything associated with that, his responsibility and guilt and his quest for vengeance in order to get rid of this thing, it's so wonderful and refreshing. The fact that he feels responsible for getting his brother in a wheelchair and wants to protect him, to find those who did this, to right those wrongs, it makes his character so much more fleshed out, so utterly human. "The Good Samaritan" was a fantastic episode to shed light into that, along with the impact it'll have on the relationship between him and his younger brother, who he did this for.

Poor Daisy, my precious baby, I sympathize with her so much. After everything she had gone through particularly from being under the influence of Hive, and losing someone else she cared about yet again to something that she thinks is her own fault, her decision to go rogue and distance herself from SHIELD is one made to protect the ones she loves and cares about makes sense. To her, she believes she causes more harm than good (keep in mind the ominous, "wherever she goes, death follows", she's starting to really believe this to be true). Daisy is in a bad place emotionally, and she chooses to be alone because she thinks it's what's best for everyone. It's a damaging mindset and one that is quite unhealthy, but I understand where she is coming from. What's worse is how she feels like she deserves to suffer. Even more depressing is how she is selfless to a default. She is kind and compassionate and wants to help others, but at the cost of her own safety. It's who Daisy has always been since the very beginning, she puts other people first before herself, even protecting people from herself in some situations (like when she Iced herself when her powers were getting out of control in the second season), but it's even more apparent now that she is in this bad place and operating alone.

It's why I really love the dynamic Robbie and Daisy have with each other. Even if their situations are different they share some similarities, such as feeling the need to work alone, settling scores, protecting those they care about, and the guilt associated with the things they've done. It's why they work so well together, and why I hope not only do they continue working together but that Robbie becomes a regular. I just really love him.

The only thing I dislike so far this season is the reactions of some of the team to Daisy's situation, more specifically the attitudes of Fitz and Simmons; Fitz thinking and acting like Daisy betrayed them and Simmons acting so flippant. It may hurt that she left, but being insensitive to her isn't helping anything, especially when you consider other characters left for a time to deal with their own personal issues for various reasons throughout the series. I'm also not fond of the new SHIELD director, either.

Legends of Tomorrow, 2.01 - 2.04

I don't know what it is, but this season feels slightly off for some reason. I know it just started, but somehow it feels less contained in comparison to the first season, which is odd because I didn't particularly care for Vandal Savage most of the time but at least there was an underline theme that carried out all their missions in each episode, which ultimately came down to the Legends Team versus Vandal Savage and the Time Masters. I know that this season will most likely end up coming together more effectively, since I'm pretty sure the reason Rip has disappeared and they're trying to find him is because it's all connected with The Flash and the Flashpoint, which is what the crossover between Supergirl will be about. But at the moment I'm not entirely sure what to think of the episodes so far. They're alright, but feel rather disoriented.

I am, however, loving the fact that Sara is now the Captain of the team, because it makes perfect sense that she would be. I predicted it somewhat last season that she would end up either piloting the Waverider and/or becoming the co-captain alongside Rip, since he seems to not only trust her judgment but also views her as an equal of sorts. And her leadership just works. I'm only hoping that when Rip returns that her leadership doesn't go away, and they can actually end up leading the team together.


Okay, I'll admit that I haven't been watching this season for a couple of reasons. First is, of course, the fact I already have too much to watch and catch up on, which is how I did the first season as well. The second reason, however, is the biggest one because it's how they done fucked up Kara/James, as in after all of that build-up throughout the first season and having them finally kissing in the season one finale, only for the show to go, "lol they're just friends." Like, that makes no logical sense to the continuity of what had previously just happened, not at all. They didn't even give them a chance. Not only that, but they basically reduced James' character immensely while adding on more bland white guys. I don't know about you, but I find this a bit racist, and it put me off of the new season. I'm not entirely sure I should blame the move to the CW or the showrunners (or both), but it's NAGL.

However, I am pleasantly pleased that they're actually having Alex Danvers discovering her sexuality, which is a storyline I didn't think they would end up going into, but apparently they are. Based on what I've seen from other sources, they are handling it quite well so far.

Also, Dichen Lachman guest-starred in a recent episode looking fine as fuck, so I'm definitely not complaining about that. ♥

++ The Defenders is currently in production, and some casting news which makes me rather giddy. Basically, aside from Jessica Jones, we'll have Trish Walker, Claire Temple, Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, and Elektra all joining, plus some others I may be missing. On top of that, Jessica Jones will have all women directors for its second season. All the ladies! (✿◠‿◠)

++ Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them premieres next week. I'm only going for one particular purpose (Colin Farrell as Percival Graves) because the thirst is strong, and while I'm interested in certain aspects of the story, I don't think I'll be seeing the rest of the franchise, which has extended from just a trilogy to five films in total. Probably because, aside that one factor in this film, I don't have a strong interest in it as a whole. Also, due to a recent casting decision which may reflect the rest of the franchise, I'm not entirely certain I would even want to continue watching it anyway. Nevertheless, I am going to watch the first Fantastic Beasts film because I've already committed myself to it mainly due to my emotional investment with a character/actor. I've even ordered his wand, have his Pop Figure, and have rewatched this particular clip numerous times. As I said, the thirst is real and I have no shame.
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