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Being different can mean making a difference.

++ A brand new friending meme has emerged.

++ As mentioned previously, I went to an advanced screening of Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them on Monday. Here are my very brief non-spoilery thoughts (full review to come later):

Colin Farrell was the highlight of the entire film for me, as predicted since he was the main reason I wanted to see this film so badly. His performance was phenomenal in every scene he appeared in. Never mind the fact that he was fine as fuck, like hot damn. ♥

As a whole, I'm still trying to process and digest everything that happened. There were things that genuinely surprised me, things that really shows that it is still part of the Wizarding World that we know but is also separate from the Harry Potter franchise, and then there were things that were kind of predictable which left me rather disappointed and I'm not entirely certain what to think in regards to that. Again, I'm still mulling everything over. I didn't go into this with high expectations to begin with since I only came for one purpose, so I don't know. I'll be seeing the movie again this weekend when it officially opens here in the U.S., so perhaps another viewing might place things into perspective. But overall, it was alright. It's just a lot to take in.

++ While there might not be an Inhumans movie, Marvel is planning a television series instead. I'm actually wondering how it'll coincide with Agents of Shield, if at all. Considering that Daisy Johnson is the main protagonist on that show and that's where her story is being told along with their Inhumans storyline still being a major focus, I think the possibility of crossovers should be expected. Or mentions of what is happening from one another respectively, at the very least.
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