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++ Ron Glass (Shepherd Book from Firefly) passed away yesterday. It's kind of hard to believe, honestly. It feels like it was yesterday when the excitement over the Serenity movie being made and the entire cast was returning. I may have never met the man but I have heard and seen much about him, from his sardonic sense of humor to his heartwarming moments with the rest of his fellow cast members, to his infectious booming laugh. It's hard to comprehend that a member of the crew is gone, but he will never, ever be forgotten. Rest in peace.

++ 2NE1 has officially disbanded, which adds more salt on the wound since 4Minute also disbanded earlier this year as well. Though I have to admit it wasn't surprising about 2NE1 since CL has been trying to make her American debut and it would be impossible for her to do that while doing a comeback with the group in Korea, whenever that would've been, so I suspected it as much. But 4Minute's disbanding broke my heart because they had just had their comeback, but it was announced of them being discontinued as a group rather abruptly. I know some don't necessarily care about kpop groups, and I only know some of the drama/behind the scenes negotiations from what I read at selective sources but not as closely as more hardcore fans who follow those kinds of stories. But nevertheless, such news is still heartbreaking. I really liked both groups, they both debuted around the same time and both released some amazing bops over the years. Some of my favorites from 2NE1 include: "Fire", "Can't Nobody" and "Follow Me". And from 4Minute: "HuH (Hit Your Heart)", "Crazy", and "Hate". Thank you girls for everything over the years, may your futures be bright and bring you much success.
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