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Listen, I was unaware that there was even going to be a second part of this game, so I was, like so many were, completely unprepared for the announcement trailer that premiered yesterday.

The Last Of Us, which was released in 2013, is such an important game because it featured not just excellent storytelling but also fantastic acting from the voice actors, it was visually stunning with its environment and how immerse the world was, and the gameplay as absolutely wonderful. There is a reason why The Last Of Us is considered Naughty Dog's best games, if not one of the the best games to come out in recent years. It is just an emotional cinematic masterpiece. The fact that we're getting a second part to this story, featuring yet again the dynamic and relationship between Ellie and Joel, is just phenomenal.

Based off the limited information given from the game event where this teaser was released, the second part of their saga will be set five years later since the ending of the first game. Ellie is now nineteen-years-old. And she is fueled by hate.

I'm actually intrigued by this because of where we left off from the first game, and I feel like Ellie is going to confront Joel about his lie. We were reassured by the developers that Ellie and Joel are the driving force and core of the game, they are the heartbeats of the story and they will do right by them, and I believe them. But moreover, I am fascinated by this direction because this is naturally where it should go. Whether Joel admitted to what he did or not, we know that Ellie knew that Joel lied about what happened with the Fireflies at the end of the first game, and we see her disappointment that he wouldn't even tell her the truth. Because let's not forget that regardless of personal feelings, in the end both Joel and Marlene took away Ellie's choice. And having Joel lie to her probably stung even more. So I'm guessing that whatever happens in the second part, it will most likely result with all of that anger bubbling inside of Ellie for all those years to suddenly burst open like a floodgate; anger at Joel, at Marlene, at the Fireflies, at the state of the world and her situation, possibly people wanting to hunt her down for the cure, all those who wronged her during her journey in the first game. It will no doubt be a rollarcoaster of emotions, with loads of tension and angst and everything else in between, and it'll hurt, but one thing I'm hoping for is resolution. We need emotional closure for them both.

I'm just so happy with this announcement. I'm happy that Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker are once again reprising their roles as Ellie and Joel, I'm happy that the composer has returned as well, I'm just so ecstatic about this and I cannot wait for it to come out.
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