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Maybe in the comic book version.

Legends of Tomorrow / Arrow / The Flash / Supergirl Crossover Event

This crossover event was pretty much just an excuse to gather all these characters from these shows together in a single place. Judging from the behind-the-scene clips, all the actors had a blast filming because they hardly, if ever, get to do this while shooting their own individual shows. And since Supergirl moved from CBS to the CW this season, this was Kara's debut to meet everyone else instead of just Barry Allen. As a whole, that was hilariously adorable just to see everyone's reaction to her, and to see how much they pretty much loved and respected Kara, if not immediately then eventually.

As for my feelings on the event as a whole, it's sort of a mixed bag. Some parts of it I liked, other parts I didn't. Mostly my issue lies with how the characters were used throughout the story. Being the massive event that it was I knew that not everyone was going to get the screentime they deserved, but it's still disappointing when certain characters were left out on the sidelines while others got more of the spotlight when they really didn't need to. Also, I thought the structure of the crossover would be a little different, such as when they said that everyone would be featured I thought that each show would focus on that main cast while everyone else was supporting, but it just seemed to be one massive hodgepodge. I mean, the Legends episode was the last and instead of ending it with the team they ended it with Oliver and Barry. I don't know. I guess it makes sense for the structure of the event, but it just seems odd, is all.

But because they left the door open for more crossover possibilities, I'm hoping that the next one will be more toned down from what this event was, similar to know The Flash crossed over with Supergirl last season. Simple, not complicated, and allowing more room for actual character interactions and proper amount of screentime. Like, imagine if Oliver actually ends up in Kara's universe, or if Kara gets to time travel with the Legends team.

Agents of Shield

For the most part I've been enjoying this season so far. There have been things I disliked or things I didn't really care for, but it has been interesting what they've done, particularly with the Ghostrider storyline. Robbie Reyes has become my favorite newest addition to the show and I honestly hope that he returns. They gave that possibility when Coulson mentions this to Daisy at the end of the mid-season finale, after dealing with his Uncle Elias, so I'm hoping for that to be true that'll he'll be back. I love Robbie, and I want to see what happens next with his character.

(Personally, I would rather see Robbie, Daisy, and Elena work together as their own "Secret Warriors"-esque team whilst dealing with the new SHIELD setup, mostly because I think Robbie and Daisy just mesh together perfectly, but y'know.)

Daisy becoming a member of SHIELD again. While I think she has mixed feelings about the new director and his obvious shadiness, and most likely still has feelings of guilt after everything that happened last season, I feel that her working together with Coulson and the rest of them during this whole operation made her feel more at home. And seeing her smiling again makes me hopeful that she is healing from the pain she has been suffering. I'm wondering if she's going to keep her punk goth look she's been sporting lately, because it is hot and suits her real nice.

I'm curious where they're headed with Aida's storyline. More importantly, what she is planning....

Also, it appears that the character of Elena "Yo-Yo" Rodriguez is getting her own webseries spin-off, Slingshot. I'm pretty excited about it, considering I love her character and she had been missed for most of the first half of the fourth season, it will be interesting to see her featured in her own story separate from the show, where she's been and what she's been doing. Due to the failure of the Marvel's Most Wanted spin-off with Bobbi Morse that never happened, a webseries is probably the best and safest way to go.
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