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Actually, I'm a gnome cleric.

++ I was absolutely thrilled with the SAG awards turnout, most importantly because of all the amazing speeches that occurred. I especially enjoyed David Harbour who accepted the award for Stranger Things (yay, it finally won an award!) along with the rest of the cast, but his speech went above and beyond and it was precisely what everyone needed towards the end of the award show. And just like with everyone else who also gave such brilliant speeches, from Mahershala Ali's acceptance speech to Julia Louis Dreyus's wonderful heartfelt statement, it was passionate and powerful and a great way to showcase the good use of such a platform to speak out about such important issues that are affecting everybody right now.

++ Richard Armitage has been filming in NYC for Ocean's Eight, and just judging from the filming pics alone I'm pretty curious about what character he'll be playing. Also, him and dogs! ♥

++ Very recently I've gotten into Critical Role, a livestreaming webseries on Geek & Sundry's Twitch channel where a group of voice actors play Dungeons & Dragons. It was purely by accident because I was searching for Ashley Johnson things, and I wound up watching clips and saw gifsets and suddenly I became rather drawn to it. Of course, I haven't watched full episodes yet since each episode is about several hours long, so I mainly only catch up on the highlights or the funniest moments of each episode, and I have to say it's so fascinating and everyone is absolutely hilarious. While I adore Pike (Ashley Johnson's character) and her friendship with Grog, I have become quite fond of the other characters as well. I know that Ashley has been absent for some amount of episodes here and there because she has been filming Blindspot, to which they somehow managed to make references to D&D/Critical Role (and in turn they also make reference to Blindspot whenever they get the chance).
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