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Just another Wednesday.

++ The Beguiled will be an upcoming film by Sofia Coppola, which has a fantastic cast, including Colin Farrell. I knew he was involved when he was announced, I just didn't expect not only a trailer so soon but also its release date. It feels like it was just in production (since Colin was absent for most of the promotional events for Fantastic Beasts because he was filming). Nevertheless, knowing Sofia's work and already seeing the southern Gothic look, it's going to be one gorgeous film. I looked up the original book and film to see what the plot and story was, and it's incredibly fucked up, but I'm definitely in for the vengeful women aspect. Also, judging from the trailer alone, this continues to further fuel my recent Colin Farrell thirst.

++ I know that I should reserve my judgment, but I'm going to be completely honest, I'm not thrilled about the young Han Solo movie. I love Han Solo as a character, but I feel like this is completely unnecessary. The Force Awakens and Rogue One were outstanding films and perhaps it might continue that streak and be good as well, but personally I'm just not feeling it.

++ I've been thinking about revivals lately, and it makes me wonder of their rising popularity and whether they are actually necessary. Revivals should be, in my opinion, something to expand the story that didn't get a chance to be told. Is there something more worth telling? Is this something the fans will want or appreciate? Will this bring a sense of closure to certain unresolved arcs? That, I believe, is what a revival should be like. Instead, however, I feel like the announcements for revivals tend to be more like reunions than a brief continuation of the story, since it's relying on getting back as many of the original actors as possible and banking on that nostalgia. Don't get me wrong, nostalgia will always be there regardless of what you do, but there also needs to be an actual progression of not just the development of the characters but also where the story would naturally go in that universe.

In short, revivals can be really great, but sometimes the execution doesn't always fit. Just because you can revive a television series, doesn't necessarily mean you should. So unless it can be done to improve and progress the story in some fashion it's better to leave it alone.
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