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Creampuffs and sestras.

++ Some friending memes: Spring Friending Meme and Book Friending Meme.

++ Natasha Negovanlis won an award for Carmilla at the Canadian Screen Awards! This was the first award that Natasha has ever received for any performance, and I believe the first award for the webseries as well, proving, as she mentioned in her speech, that web content is getting more recognition for its importance of storytelling just as mainstream and traditional media does. I mean, this was just a little webseries that celebrated not just women but also the LGBTQ community and it just won an award on television. How awesome is that? She also did a personal Q&A on KindaTV after the fact, giving more details about her thought process of that night and just her continuing to thank the fans for their love and support of the series, and being adorable while doing so.

Tatiana Maslany also won at the CSA as well, winning two for Orphan Black and The Other Half. Congratulations to both women, who are more than deserving of these awards and recognition for their phenomenal performances in their respective projects. I'm so proud of them. ♥

++ I'm a bit behind on Legends of Tomorrow, but learning the fact that they actually said the word bisexual in one of the recent episodes was kind of a pleasant surprise. I know the topic itself was debated on early in the season when it was thought that they were erasing Sara's bisexuality, and I know that Caity Lotz has been a huge advocate of maintaining that Sara Lance is bisexual since day one, however just because it is confirmed behind the scenes doesn't always mean that it'll ever be uttered within canon. It is rare for bisexuality to even be acknowledged in media (oftentimes it is only vaguely implied or just ignored and erased altogether), so actually having it being said, plain and simple, is such a wonderful thing.
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