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I love space shows.

++ I have some thoughts about the Legends of Tomorrow finale, well, one thought in particular:

One of the things that I really wanted from Legends of Tomorrow was for Sara and Rip to share the Captain responsibilities. Sara took up the role beautifully during his absence, learning the ropes about what it means to be a leader, and it was the next logical step in her character journey. But once they got Rip back I had hoped that, during this time, they would come to an agreement that they would become co-captains, Rip navigating through timelines while Sara instructed the team. So the fact that Rip left the Waverider for good in the finale was kind of sad and disappointing.

I mean, in a way I understand. Sara has taken on being Captain quite well, and in his eyes he wasn't really that equipped for the job anymore. He used to be a Time Master but since they're gone, and his mission from recruiting the team in the first place of taking out Savage and avenging his family was completed, where does he stand? Where does he go from here? When he returned back to normal from being brainwashed he felt lost, uncertain where he stood with the rest of the team. He probably wants to take time for himself to learn who he was and trained to become. But I still, feel like he could still be a valuable member of the team even without being Captain, y'know? He has knowledge that only he is aware of based on his training, and understands things about time travel better than any of them.

Not only that, but I feel that he and Sara have a natural rapport with each other that is different from anyone else on the team. They have ever since the first season, since I always felt that Rip treated Sara more like an equal than just another member of the team. Perhaps this was the setup for her taking on the role of Captain, I don't know. But I really like their dynamic on the show, and I don't want to lose that. Hence why the thought of them being co-captains seemed like the most logical choice once he returned to the ship.

So I don't know if Arthur Darvill is going to be doing other projects, but I really want him to return as Rip Hunter at some point.

++ I also just started watching The Expanse, a show that has been heavily recommended for a while now. Already a few episodes in and I'm loving what I'm seeing, not just with the characters featured and the story itself but also the incredible world-building. Between this and Dark Matter, that scifi void within my soul has been filled since Battlestar Galactica. I'll be making my way through the show, since it's currently in its second season and has been renewed for a third, I'll definitely be busy. I just need better time management for binge-watching my shows, lol.
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