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Breathe. Just breathe.

++ For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, the official teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi was finally released the other day. I haven't watched the 40th Anniversary Star Wars Celebration yet, but I've seen things about it and I know that overall it was quite an emotional event, especially with the tribute to Carrie Fisher. And in regards to The Last Jedi, I know there's a lot of fan theories and speculations abound since the teaser was released, but I'm most excited about Kelly Marie Tran being the new lead in the film. I just hope both her and John Boyega are featured in more promotional stuff in the future.

++ The new MST3K has also premiered! I have yet to watch any of it (but will soon), but it's available on Netflix and Felicia Day released a hilarious video excitedly talking about it. I'm pretty excited also because I love MST3K, me and my sister quote from it all the time. I know that after the series ended they kinda continued a version of it with Rifftrax, but now we have a whole new generation of MST3K with the robots backs and everything, so we'll see how it'll do.

++ Ashley Johnson is back in Los Angeles which means a.) she's available for more Critical Role and b.) she is currently working on The Last Of Us: Part II! I know the latter will a long ways away from being released, but I'm still rather stoked that it's finally happening!

++ Many of my shows preparing to return for the summer, this includes: Wynonna Earp, Dark Matter, Orphan Black, Sense8, and Stitchers. There's also new summer shows that I'm interested in checking out such as The Defenders, American Gods and Dear White People. I'm pretty sure I'm probably forgetting some, but these are the ones that are on my top radar at the moment. Not that I need more television to get obsessed with since I already have enough on my plate that I still need to catch up with, but you know, I wouldn't be me then, lol.
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