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Whatever you want, I go above and beyond.

++ Charisma Carpenter is coming to Wizard World Con in my city! I was already planning on attending at least one of the days during this convention, however this has me even more tempted. Now only if Eliza Dushku would also be listed that would be even better. There aren't that many guests lined up at the moment, so I'm assuming that more will be trickling in the sooner the date approaches. I'm also tempted on attending an anime con later this year (also in my city) because one of the cast of Critical Role is scheduled to be attending. In fact, some of them have been attending that convention for some years now, and because I have just gotten into the series I'm really excited about this prospect that they'll continue coming here.

++ Also, speaking of Eliza Dushku, not only is she going to be a regular on Bull (CBS), she is also developing an adaptation of The Black Company and is going to be playing a dark sorceress. Look at my girl getting those regular and recurring roles on television! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

++ Chloe Bennet talks about her Chinese heritage in a new interview. I absolutely adore her, and one of the things I've always appreciated and admired is how open she is with discussing these particular issues, from the experiences she's had with racism along with addressing the problems within the industry itself, calling out the limited role opportunities for Asian-Americans and the constant whitewashing that continues to happen. Agents of Shield might not always be perfect, but it has shaped and created her character, Daisy Johnson, around her heritage which became a vital part of her arc especially in the second season where she started discovering and accepting parts of who she is, both as an Inhuman and where she comes from, which is the kind of representation we need more of, imho. I love that Chloe has not only been given this opportunity that is unfortunately rare but also been using this platform to speak out on these issues, and that she continues to do so in the future. ❤
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