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The smartass detective.

The first trailer for The Defenders was recently released.

Honestly, watching this actually makes me yearn for the second season of Jessica Jones so damn much. I'm definitely here for her being snarky towards everyone and reluctantly agreeing to be part of this team of unlikely heroes. All I want is for the bickering banter between her and everyone else, especially the inevitable moments between her and Matt Murdock. Like if nothing else, that's going to be great no matter what. However, what I'm not here for is Finn Jones as Danny Rand. I haven't even bothered with Iron Fist, but watching him in this trailer I was unimpressed. From whatever accent he's using to the "fighting" which in itself is incredibly awkward, ugh. Perhaps he might work better with this ensemble cast than on his own series, but even among this talented lineup he sticks out like a sore thumb. Again, I ask, why couldn't Lewis Tan have been cast instead? But I think we all know the unfortunate answer to that. Sigh. I'm just hoping the character's not too much of a distraction, or at the very least somewhat tolerable so I'll be able to enjoy the show.

(But seriously though, where is my second season for Jessica Jones? I needs it now, please.)
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