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it's me against the's just me....

Currently I'm anxiously waiting for tne next new Britney Spears album that is supposedly coming out this month, or sometime earlier next month. I don't know the exact date at the moment, but I'm hoping that it'll be around this month, which means it'll be close to my birthday. After hearing the duet that she does with Madonna in the single, 'Me Against the Music', I am fully prepared for the new, matured Britney which I, personally, love and think it's a smart career move and it looks bright in her future. Her new album is entitled: In the Zone, in case anyone didn't know already.

Tomorrow will be Friday, which means Kill Bill will be in theaters. Although I really want to see the movie, I don't think it'll be possible to see it tomorrow night because of lines and huge crowds, considering that it is opening day for the movie. That is why I am hoping to see it Saturday morning, before anyone else is awake, and me, my mother, and hopefully my sister (if she wants to see it) will see the first showing early in the morning. No lines, no crowds....oh joy.

For my birthday, I am asking my mother to order the movie, Chance, which is an independent film. It was directed, produced, written and stars the wonderfully talented and stunningly beautiful Amber Benson; co-starring James Marsters and Andy Hallett. From the reviews I've been hearing, everyone seemed to be entranced by the movie and they all say that Amber is a wonderful storyteller and a get director and actress in the movie. The story and plotline looks interesing, and I can't wait to see it if I do get it.
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