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House M.D.: "Spin" Episode Review

Have I mentioned that this show is the ultimate special crack of fandoms? Like...whoa.

The Medical Case -- Everybody Lies, This Guy Cheats

So apparently this week's medical patient is an athlete that apparently admits to doing drugs, but not drugs that could be causing the such an irrational hazard to his health. He has one headstrong, annoying, and slightly bossy sports manager. And, who didn't predict that he would fire her after House purposely was setting up the manager's involvement of either drugging him secretly or leaking private information from the hospital? I sure as hell knew that she was up to something. But hey, she was in it for his publicity which, incidentally, gives her publicity as well. Yeah, she got the axe. Though, I'm wondering if Cuddy was able to keep that check the manager gave her.

Though, this guy was giving himself blood transfusions without realizing that he was actually healing himself (temporarily) for the original sickness that he was unconscious of? That's really a trip, if you think about it. Imagine treating yourself for a fatal or semi-fatal illness without the knowledge that you are unwell. *shivers*

"You're healed!" Hee! House claiming that he is the Almighty Lord because, dudes, he TOTALLY is in this universe.

So, this guy is cured in the end -- and I give him props for thanking House personally as well as the hospital. Yay for recognizing those that saved your life, buddy!

Relationships in Battle Royale -- Snark VS. Snark VS. Pissy!Snark

Ah, the tension between House and Stacy....and Stacy's husband, Mark. The persnicketiness with House with the BOTH of them was nicely done. Especially when House goes into healing therapy just to taunt Mark because, well hell. Mark's a cripple. House is a cripple. Both are miserable in their conditions but for different reasonings. They should have tea together! Or, what House sarcastically mentions to Stacy as she bursts in with her pissy!snark, they should start a club together! It'll be like high school --- except they hate each other and are both in love with the same woman and.....oh wait, that IS like high school!

I'm not as annoyed with Stacy as other people in the House fandom are. Though the storyline with her being the attorny in the same hospital as House because of her husband is kinda....I don't know, pointless? Except for House having another snarking buddy that understands him personally besides Wilson and Cuddy. Otherwise, I'm perfectly fine with her.

House/Wilson! House stealing Wilson's chips, House and Wilson conversing about the relationship factor between House and Stacy. House and Wilson exchanging the very highlarious dialogue during that lunch hour. Fun, fun, fun! And adorable. But what with House/Wilson ISN'T adorable?

Cameron 101 -- This Week's Lesson Is....

I'm totally surprised, Cameron didn't bother me at all this episode! Thankfully, she had limited screentime with the exception for her conversations with Wilson about the lying/cheating/breaking of rules and her ethical lecture with him as well as Chase and Foreman. But one thing is bothering me....

How come she's still wallowing in the past? Didn't she marry her husband because she knew he was dying, and thus wanted him to live his life to the fullest in total happiness with someone that he loved? Why is she now admitting that she was falling for her husband's best friend? Argh, if Cameron didn't already annoy me enough with her obsession with House. And she's talking about being ethical. Please Cameron, stop contradicting yourself! If she was really ethical, she wouldn't have bribed House to let her have her job back (after she voluntarily quit, might I add) only if he had dinner with her. Argh!

Though I do admit, her scenes with Wilson were very nice.

The Pretty Shinys!

House playing dominos with CD cases and other multiple objects in his office to catch....whatever it was he caught, and cried out in triumph when he succeeded! Hee!

"Are you pregnant? I really wanted to finish high school." Hee!

The "I can’t think of a non-sexual metaphor" between House and Cuddy, which is a double Hee! on my part.

Cuddy's frilly shirt. Me wants. Now.

ANDREW!!!! Tom Lenyk was so awesome, ex-smoker gum-chewing addict with diarrhea. And his expression at House and Stacy's bantering back and forth. :D

"Now, THAT was awkward!" After the verbal snark with Mark. I love House stating the obvious with sarcastic wit. Hee!

Balcony scene with House/Wilson!!

Cuddy's sekkrit dating service via phone? Or participating in phone sex? Hmmm....*ponders in intrigue*

Overall: An enjoyable episode, with those little witticisms thrown in here and there. House is always that Man of Sarcasm and his snarkiness is complete with internal woundedness. House versus Mark, House versus the blodd-transfusing patient, the love/hate relationship between House and Stacy, Cameron's dysfunctional ways of looking at relationships, and Cuddy's obvious sexisms are coming to light! Did I mention that I LOVE this show?

Next week's episode looks very interesting. Is Cameron going to get diagnosed with an STD from the blood the patient spit out into her eye? Who's kissing whom in that preview? OMG, I love this show! November Sweeps, baby!

In other fandom news, I received the Firefly soundtrack via Amazon earlier this afternoon. Only one word can describe it: SHINY!! I especially love the extended "River's Dance" in the bonus tracks. Eeee!
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