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So say we all.

01. What was your first OTP from the show?
Six/Gaius. Basically most things about their relationship was so complicated and complex, fucked up and dysfunctional, yet deeply beautiful all the same from the very beginning. I just loved how Tricia and James played off each other in their scenes, and it was always a blessing seeing them together, whenever head!Six appeared to seeing Caprica Six having the same feelings about Gaius as he felt about her and expressing it to her own head!Gaius, and them coming back together towards the end of the series, etc. I just really love their love story, since it was about them realizing just how much they truly loved each other throughout the show, and it was told beautifully.

02. After finishing the series, who was your OTP?
Again, Six/Gaius. Them surviving the entire series, reconciling and being together made me incredibly happy. Same with Helo/Athena, both those kids suffered a lot throughout the series and seeing them with their daughter after all the trials and tribulations that they've been through was utterly gratifying. Also, I really loved Kara/Sam, their story became so tragic in the end, and despite what happened to Sam I truly believe that Kara disappeared to be with him whenever he was in the finale. It's why I believe him saying, "See you on the other side" meant, because her journey had come to an end, as did his.

03. What was your favorite ship in the fleet?
The Battlestar Galactica, of course.

04. Who was your favourite Viper pilot?
Kara Thrace, Kat, and Racetrack, respectively.

05. What was the death that affected you the most?
There were so many deaths on this show, and sometimes I look back and I get quite emotional about them, but I think the one that truly upset me was Natalie. The leader of the rebel Cylons, the one who wanted to collaborate with the humans, who believed wholeheartedly in her cause, who wanted to meet her makers, the Final Five, and yet she died because Athena made the horrible and ridiculous mistake. Like, I can rant on for ages about that whole storyline, especially since Athena was basically let off the hook an episode later, but it breaks my heart that Natalie would never know the true identity of the Final Five. She deserved better.

06. What is you favourite piece from the soundtrack and why?
Um, pretty much everything? Bear McCreary is amazing, and has continued doing phenomenally well with his career since his BSG days and I hope he continues becoming more successful.

07. What event/plot line did you find to be the most unexpected?
Well, considering the nature of the show there were many things that happened which were unexpected and surprised us at every turn. I think the one that didn't really make much sense was the whole pregnancy thing between Caprica Six and Saul Tigh. That wasn't just unexpected, it was weird and came out of nowhere.

08. What were your initial thoughts on Laura Roslin? Did they change?
My thoughts and feelings regarding Laura Roslin are rather complicated. I really enjoyed her story in the first half of the show where she was appointed to become the President of the Twelve Colonies, a responsibility she wasn't ready or prepared for, and had to really kind of wing things and deal with everything to the best of her ability even when people didn't think she would be able to handle it. Laura was dealing with her own personal problems and now she had to become a leader to the remaining surviving members of humanity. Of course, over the course of the show I started disliking and disagreeing a lot with her decisions, which led me to be conflicted to my stance on her. However, looking back, I think that was a good thing. This show always had the tendency to make you question your favorite characters and their decisions, and make you think about what you would do in their position or situation. Laura Roslin wasn't perfect, and I honestly appreciated that because you really don't see women characters being written as such very often.

09. Who was your favourite minor character?
Kendra Shaw. She appeared in the Razor telemovie, so I knew she wouldn't be appearing on any of the following seasons since she was a one-off character, but she really made a huge impression on me the moment she appeared. Her story was so tragic, and I kind of wished we had more time with her. I just wanted to know more about her, aside from what happened on the Pegasus with her time with Cain.

10. Who was your favorite Cylon of the significant seven?
Number Six and all of her incarnations. And Sharon, mostly Boomer and Athena since they were the only Eights that we got to really know. Interestingly, the only reason I got into Battlestar Galactica initially was because of them, and they certainly didn't disappoint in providing me a lot of feels. Boomer and Athena especially, I could write essays on them and their connection, the identity theft and identity crisis, and so on. Just everything about them really resonated with me and gave me a lot of things to think about with their characters.

11. Who was your favorite Cylon of the Final Five?
Sam Anders. I don't know, I just liked how he was struggling with coming to terms with being a Cylon, being one of the Final Five, and his ending of course was the most tragic. After everything he endured throughout his life, in ways I wish he deserved a better ending, but it was still beautifully tragic all the same.

12. Which member of the Final Five did you find the most surprising?
I definitely think Tigh being a Cylon was the most surprising, but it also made the most sense, and in turn made the reveal that Ellen was one as well even more understandable. I just really like the notion that this man who absolutely hated the Cylons suffer from not just an identity crisis from this revelation, but also understanding and dealing with his own internalized hatred.

13. Which characters did you wrongly think were actually Cylons?
Well, for a moment I considered the possibility that Kara could be a Cylon, but the more I thought about it, it wouldn't necessarily have made much sense, especially after her death and return. It would've been too easy to make her a Cylon after that. Then I thought about Adama being a Cylon due to what Leoben mentioned in the first season, of course that was just a mere red-herring (although after Caprica, it technically isn't that far off...) And just because I wanted her back, I wanted Kendra to be the last Cylon.

14. How many times have you watched the full series?
Plenty of times. It always begins the same, I start rewatching a specific episode, then it turns to several episodes, and then full seasons and before I know it I have marathoned the entire series. It happens way frequently for my shows than I'd like to admit, tbqh.

15. Have you watched either the original series, Blood & Chrome, or Caprica?
I haven't seen the original series, which is probably a good thing because in comparison to the re-imagined series it would be pretty laughable. I mean, there is a casino planet and insect alien species, for goodness sakes. As for the other two, I obviously have seen. I much prefer Caprica to Blood & Chrome, though that one showed potential as well had they allowed it to gone on. But the executive and network handling of both was super disappointing, with B&C having been preempted several times from being a webseries to television series, back to a webseries that later aired as a "telemovie" before it was announced it wouldn't be continuing on. And I'm still deeply bitter about how Syfy fucked over Caprica and what could have been, dammit.

16. Have you watched The Plan and Razor? If so, what were your thoughts?
Of course, and I have plenty of feelings about them. Razor introduced one of my favorite characters of the universe, Kendra Shaw. I understood the purpose of expanding the Pegasus crew and giving the explanation of how Helena Cain ended up the way she did, how she commanded her crew, which was interesting to see, though I do wish we could've had more insight with her relationship with Gina, like flashbacks to how they got together and more scenes with them, you know, actually together rather than ~implied~, but whatever. As for The Plan, even though there were plot holes and not enough explanation on certain things (like what happened with the Olympic Carrier, and unfortunate deleted scenes with Caprica Six and Boomer trying to save the humans, etc.), since it was about the Cylons, I didn't mind. I also watched the webisodes as well. With The Resistance I liked seeing what happened after the Cylons occupied New Caprica and what happened with certain characters and their motivations that we see in the third season premiere, and The Face Of The Enemy was good if only for finally establishing that Felix Gaeta was bisexual and him interacting with another Eight.

17. Do you have a favorite episode, if so what is it?
"33" will always remain one of the best pilots I've seen, since it continues directly after the events from the mini-series, and has a great setup and great amount of tension from the characters and the situation they're in. "Downloaded" will forever be my top favorite episode because it focused entirely on the Cylons instead of having the point-of-view be from the humans, and I loved seeing Caprica Six having her own head!Gaius along with befriending Boomer. "Final Cut" was a pretty fun episode, and it introduced us to D'Anna, which yay.

18. Were you satisfied with the series finale?
Actually, I was, which is quite an unpopular opinion. Yes, it wasn't perfect and there were certainly plot holes and questions left unanswered, and I understand many people in general were displeased with how things played out in the end. However, the series finale as a whole gave me a lot of feelings and the more I rewatch it the more I love it. I don't know, I just felt it was a lovely bookend to a show that I have loved and continue to love even after years since it has finished.

19. If you could change one thing about the show, what would it be?
I would have ceased any executive meddling that happened, particularly with the third season. I think that was one of the biggest drawbacks the show suffered from, that and the writer's strike that happened which delayed the show mid-season for an entire year.

20. In your head, what did you imagine the boxed Cylon, Daniel, to look like?
I'm torn with seeing him as either Daniel Graystone or the entity who appeared before Kara (with the image of her father) during "Someone To Watch Over Me". Otherwise, I'm not entirely sure and honestly this is another loose end I wish the show had expanded more on. I get the feeling had we had more time with Caprica we would've gotten an inkling of whose image the Final Five decided to create him from, but that will forever remain a mystery.

21. How many people have watched Battlestar Galactica because of you?
I'm not entirely sure? Possibly a few, since I've talked about it often enough and recommended it to plenty of people, both online and in real life. But otherwise as for the exact number, I really couldn't tell you.
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