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Fantasy and fantasy-like worlds...

++ Fandom Friending Meme! Since there's been a lack of good friending memes lately, for anyone who has been wanting more people to converse/squee about fannish things (or anything, really), definitely go there and find new friends. :)

++ There is going to be a prequel series to The Dark Crystal to be released on Netflix called, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. The teaser is very short and only features a brief glimpse of what may be to come, but I'm actually pretty excited about this. The Dark Crystal is one of my favorite movies from my childhood, it is a pure masterpiece with the way it was done, the story and the world, it was so uniquely creative and immersive and completely different from any of Jim Henson's other works. It's too early to tell obviously, but the fact that this prequel is happening and they're collaborating with the Henson Company to make these characters and world again leads me to believe that they'll hopefully do this justice.

++ While I don't particularly care much about Game Of Thrones anymore, the new trailer for S7 looks pretty damn hype. Particularly because Daenerys arrives at Dragonstone, the place where she was born. While I want her to travel further into Westeros and basically confront the Lannisters, I want to see this emotional reunion of sorts, a place she was taken from and where she will gain her strength to continue onward on reclaiming the Throne. The sixth season was surprisingly good and a huge improvement from the lackluster and disappointment of the previous seasons (for multiple reasons), and while I'm not getting my hopes up I do want the momentum to remain high and for shit to get done.

(For real though, what would it take to get an actual faithful fantasy adaptation of A Song Of Ice And Fire? Less of the HBO shit and more of something that is fantastical and larger than life, like seen with Marc Simonetti's artwork?)

++ It seems that Will & Grace and Roseanne have hopped on the never ending revival bandwagon. I've already stated my less than favorable opinions about this trend of revivals known, though I've read that these two particular revivals will be ignoring their series finales, which were considered terrible or retconning in the worst way. So I can't be mad about that. But will they attempt to fix and improve things or just make it worse?
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