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Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares is a newly released horror adventure puzzle game that has been gaining a lot of buzz, and with good reason. From the art style, atmospheric storytelling and virtually no dialogue, it has been compared to such games like Limbo and Inside in terms of presenting a horror atmosphere with children, exploring a bizarre and terrifying world in a fascinating way.

You play as Six, a little girl who wears a yellow raincoat and carries only a lighter to guide her way to escaping this massive place called the Maw, an underwater resort. While navigating through the different rooms and levels to wherever her destination leads, she encounters plenty of strange and horrific things, including the monstrosities that are out to kill her. Because there is no dialogue nothing is truly explained in terms of what is happening or the story itself, allowing the player's own imagination to run wild and interpret however they wish. This has led to many fan theories and speculations surrounding the main story and what it could all possibly mean, especially Six and her relation to The Lady of the Maw, all which are quite fascinating. The visual imagery of the game is spectacular, it immerses you into this strange world where everything is massive in size and abstractly distorted that it's incredibly unsettling. There are points in the game where the camera angles just so to give that perspective between Six and the world she is in, seeing the massive size of everything in comparison, and it is just so beautifully done but also horrifying at the same time. There are certain recurring themes and motifs throughout the game, such as the concept of hunger (the original working title of the game) and gluttony, and the symbol of watchful eyes following you throughout the game.

As someone who is attracted to fantastic world-building, I'm fascinated by the story and lore of this particular nightmarish world, which as mentioned we know very little about. The only other place that has some details is on the official website, what the developers have mentioned in interviews, and of course what is featured within the game. With that being said however, there is the Little Nightmares comic books which apparently give more information about the world outside of the Maw, along with possibly a DLC later this year, which may or may not be a prequel or sequel to the game itself.

Overall: I definitely recommend Little Nightmares not just for the beautiful animation and artwork style, but also for the story and the strategy. If you're a fan of adorable horror games that have unique world-building that still remains mysterious even long after, then this game should be right up your alley.
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