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I said hey, what's going on?

It appears that Netflix not only cancelled The Get Down, it also cancelled Sense8.

I'm extremely upset about Sense8 in particular because I'm still making my way through the second season and it is just so damn good, it's more fast-paced than the first season and is making incredible advancements in the plot, and apparently the season ends on a cliffhanger. But then this news just happened. Apparently I'm hearing it's because it's too expensive to make, despite the massive fanbase it has. I'm sad, but also livid, because Sense8 is one of my happy places and I need this story to continue. Just one more season, or at another special episode to wrap things up proper.

You can go directly to this link or some other methods of contacting Netflix and request for either show to be renewed, along with signing these petitions. It won't guarantee anything, but it'll at least help them see how many people are watching and demanding for these shows to return for another season. Even if you don't watch either of these shows, a little help goes a long way.
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