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Book Meme

Book meme, snagged from jediknightmuse:

Hardback or Paperback: I prefer paperback. Hardbacks are tricky depending on their size and how heavy they are, also I'm not a fan of the book jackets most of them end up having for obvious reasons. However, if it only available in hardcover (with no possibility of there ever being a paperback version released in the future) and/or the hardcover itself is pretty? Then I'll take that.
Borrow or Buy: Buy. I can't remember the last time I checked things out from the library.
Fantasy or Scifi: While I don't mind either, I think I'd have to say science fiction more. I'm kinda picky when it comes to fantasy, and I'm not entirely sure why.
Love Triangle or Love At First Sight: Neither. I despise love triangles because they're pretty much all the same thing, and even if someone tries to do something different with the trope itself I'm just so tired of seeing those everywhere in stories no matter what medium. And the whole "love at first sight" can go either way, depending on how well it's done. But honestly? I'm just not here for forced romances or things that follow the same tired tropes.
Wall Shelves or Bookcases: SHELVES IN WALLS. I've always had bookcases, but they take up so much space, and the concept of shelves already made into the walls is something so beautiful and convenient to me.
Bad Plot With Good Characters or Good Plot With Bad Characters: It is in my belief that good, well-written characters that are memorable can make a bad plot tolerable. There are a lot of things out there with weak or just straight up horrible plots, but from my understanding characters are what people attach to and are more engaged in. If bad plot is the only nitpick, I'd rather have that instead of a good plot with horribly written and mistreated characters.
Harry Potter or Percy Jackson: Harry Potter.
Booklr or Bookstagram: I don't know what any of these are, so.
Contemporaries or Fantasy: Contemporary fiction.
English Books or Books In Your Native Language: English is my Native language.
Buy In Bookshop or Buy Online: I think it's about half and half. I prefer online shopping most of the time, and I do request books through birthday/Christmas/wishlists. But if I'm in a bookstore there is a possibility I might buy something there.
Amazon or Book Depository: Amazon.
Buy Because Of The Cover or Buy Because Of The Description: Definitely the description. Not that I haven't been enticed by books with gorgeous cover art before, but I'm always mindful to actually do research on books I'm curious about before buying them.
Alphabetical Shelves or Color Coordinated: I sometimes sort alphabetically, but I'm not particularly meticulous about it.
Different Sized Books or Matching Sizes: It doesn't necessarily matter to me, to be honest. However, I have noticed that some of the hardcover books I get don't really fit on a bookshelf so rearranging them or trying to find a proper spot is quite difficult.
Wait To Marathon A Series or Read As They're Released: Read as they're released. Granted, I'm a slow reader so if I ever end up finishing a book in a series the next one might already come out, lol.
Movie or TV Adaptations: I actually like both, depending on how well they're made. Both mediums have pros and cons on how they can adapt something and do so accurately and respectfully to the source material; movies can be somewhat limited due to time, whereas television can have episodes exploring the more intimate aspects in depth, especially character development and certain storylines. For the most part I consider adaptations, no matter what medium they fall under, and the source material separate entities in their own right.
Zombies or Vampires: Honestly? I think at this point in time most of us have gotten a bit fatigued with stories focusing on vampires and zombies for a number of reasons. It's been kinda overdone and overexposed in mainstream media for a while now, and I want to focus on other monsters/fantasy creatures.
Reading Indoors or Outdoors: Indoors.
Coffee or Tea: Neither. Tea is gross to me and coffee makes me nauseous.
Bookmarks or Random Things To Mark Your Page: Funnily, I don't really use anything to mark the spot where I left off. I can usually find my place rather easily. I suppose this is a benefit of being a slow reader.
Dog-Earing or Bookmarks: Neither.
Be Your Favorite Character or Be Their Best Friend: It depends on the character and the book, honestly. Sometimes I want to be them, sometimes I want to be their friends, sometimes it's even wanting to be with them, and other times it's a mixture of all three. This goes for any character I'm attached to in any fiction, book or television/movie/etc.
Physical or E-Book: Both. I'll never stop buying physical copies of books, obviously, but there is a convenience with e-books that is beneficial in many ways. I even have several audiobooks on my Kindle Fire which is fantastic.
Read In Bed or On A Chair: I've been reading in bed, but honestly I think this might be part of the problem with being a slow reader. I always tend to read during bedtime, and that is associated with being tired, so I usually only get a few pages in before my eyes start getting heavy. The easiest fix is to find somewhere else to read, but honestly? I don't really have anywhere else that is comfortable to sit and read. This is something that I need to make an adjustment to, it seems.
Audiobook or E-Book: I've listened to audiobooks a bit more, tbh.
Series or Stand-Alones: I have no real preference to either, honestly. If something catches my eye or sounds interesting I'll read it no matter whether it's a single novel or part of a series.
Reading In The Winter or Reading In The Summer: It makes no difference, personally speaking. Reading is reading no matter what season it is.
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