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VMars: "Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner" Episode Review


Before anything else is said, you know that thing about everyone in fandom starting to think that season two of Veronica Mars was slacking the the sugar and spice that appeared in the first season? Apparently, this episode proves their worries are no longer applicable because -- holy fucking shit, this episode totally OWNED in the November Sweeps. Even though next week's episode looks just as equally intense, this season is beginning to have that whole new twisted revelation of VMars sizzling spice that just keeps on coming!

The Meg Manning Mystery: Unraveling The Disturbing Mommy/Daddy Dearest Secrets

From the previews from last week, this was definitely the episode I knew I had to just sit down and watch without interruptions (and thankfully, there had been none, as usual of course but that's beside the point). And boy, did this episode turn everything upside down and new plot twists came into the light. It opened my eyes to the 09er life, the lies and secrets being swirled around the Neptune town unnoticed and unheard of because of their social status in that society. Already knowing that 09ers had the life of luxury of riches, I also knew there was another side to their lifestyle that Veronica didn't touch last season. This episode touched that subject that is easily disturbing to many, yet is an eye-opener to others to what could actually be happening in your own town.

Duncan had opened Meg's confidential E-Mails that Lizzie had told him to get rid of, or else they would pull the plug on her while she's still in the hospital unconscious from the bus incident. Quite unsurprisingly, Meg was writing to an agent asking help for a certain kid she was babysitting that she knew was being psychologically abused by their parents. So, naturally, Duncan asks Veronica for help to find this kid and finish the deed that Meg obviously cannot at this moment in time (because we don't know if she's going to wake up anytime soon). Veronica then volunteers to do Meg's babysitting job.

Yes. Veronica Mars, babysitting. You'd think she'd be uncomfortable doing something normal like normal teenagers do instead of being the incredible sleuth private eye she naturally is. Mostly all the 09er kids she babysat for were really --- interesting, for a lack of a better term. Okay, they had interesting issues from incredibly whacky-loony toonish parental guidance. As the investigation is going nowhere fast with the little clues that give nothing away, she and Duncan go the Meg's parents house to retrieve a certain book that Meg wrote down in one E-Mail suggesting this could reveal who the abused kid is and how they can help. As they search and search, Veronica discovers something quick that is very, very shocking.....

Meg wasn't reporting a babysitting issue, she was reporting a personal issue. Meg's little sister, Grace, was the one being verbally and psychologically abused --- by her own parents, no less.

Seeing little Grace locked behind that little door inside her own closet, looking pale and worn out with dark circles under her eyes, wearing that nightgown, it was completely shocking. Though as all the pieces came together, I wasn't surprised that Meg's parents would do such a thing. Their behavior towards both Veronica and Duncan at the hospital (and how little Grace cowered behind Lizzie, showing that sign that there was something up without realizing it at the time), as well as Lizzie explaining that if they ever found those E-Mails that they would pull the plug on Meg immediately. At the time that episode aired I was confused, but now that everything is placed together it all makes perfect sense. Perfect twisted and psychotic sense. V.C. Andrews must've entered Rob Thomas' mind when he came up with this plotline, and I'm LOVING it! Have more episodes like this, please Rob!

The notebooks is what got to me, though. I don't remember what she was supposed to write down; something about, "God is the path to all righteousness" or something like that. Goodness, and I love Veronica's reaction to that. And her figuring out that the handwriting wasn't a little boy's....she definitely IS smarter than anyone else (or, at least me in that instant, for I was thinking perhaps Meg was talking about herself before little Grace was revealed). Also, Grace reminded me of Audrina Adare from V.C. Andrews My Sweet Audrina, because Grace was sitting alone inside a secluded dark room behind the closet similar to Audrina getting locked up in the little attic room, forced to sit in her rocking chair and clinging to her Bible. And from the repeated lines Grace was forced to write in her notebook, it seemed to be VERY similar. And equally as unnerving.

Lamb is starting to grow on me after what he did in the end. I still consider him an asshole for possibly cheating in the election and not taking his job seriously, but in this episode he really shined and came through as actually doing the right thing. What happened in Lamb's past to make him reconsider (if he hadn't already suspected) Veronica's advice to look into the closet? Did the same thing happen to Lamb as he was growing up? Did he know someone that had the same thing done to them?

Complex character, Lamb. Goodness. First Clarence Wiedman comes back in all his glory in the last episode, and now Lamb is getting a heart? Wow. I love how Rob just makes every single one of his characters have something to contribute without being flat characters in the background.

Disturbing plotline, but an intelligent one that keeps the Meg Manning mystery going until it's actually resolved. I wonder if Meg does manage to wake up, what'll happen to her then.

Veronica Mars and the Adventures In Babysitting

Because Veronica's adventures in babysitting are just too amusing to NOT comment about. Hee!

The first babysitting gig seemed to be going well...for the most part, anyway. The kid was well-disciplined, very prim-and-proper, and totally not of this generation of kids nowadays. Which is kind of a blessing in my eyes, but from his behavior sorta creepy. He had the surpressed passive-aggression deep down inside, hence the picture he drew of decapitated!Veronica.

The teacher's son was the opposite of that first boy. He was DEFINITELY this generation's little youngster. His temper-tantrum for not getting what he wanted, him screaming to high heaven reminded me of Veruca Salt's "I want it NOW!" attitude. Veronica's expression was priceless! Hee! Duncan bringing the ice cream. Super Duncan to the rescue!

Again. Psycho families. Egads, are they whacked up.

Relationships: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Gia and Dick? Who thinks they'll make the dysfunctional couple at Neptune High? They certainly have those whacked-over family issues. I'm not fonf of Dick yet, though he is amusing from time to time. Gia is very 'eh' to me. Sorta cool, sorta ditzy, sorta unfit in the Neptune scene...but she seems better than Jackie any day, that's for sure.

Kendall is now in a rut. Big Dick has left, leaving her without money and without someone to cling to for gold-digging purposes. Her hot!sex with Logan is hitting the all-time dungbomb when she starts cling to him because Big Dick is gone, Logan views her as just the sex without the feelings. Kendall is now looking for new meat. And another life to destory because of his money....

Veronica and Duncan. Veronica is still suspecting Duncan of still being hung up on Meg after all this time --- and perhaps getting a little T and A from Kendall the major slutbomb? Admitting that I like Duncan, and I like Veronica and Duncan together, I'm hoping Duncan has SOME sense into not giving into the Kendall manipulating. I'm hoping it's a misunderstanding, or something proved that Kendall is just a gold-digging whore? Though Charisma does an excellent job in being that yet still manage to keep herself incredibly sexy.

Veronica and Logan. More snarkalicious conversations between these two. Logan asks Veronica for help for the misunderstanding of the incident with Felix on the bridge, and someone framing him to being the one doing that deed. Ah, just like old times. Veronica, of course, accepts this offer. Oh, and shoutout to the "Awkward!" line from Logan in the beginning! Whoo-hoo! :D

Veronica and Keith. Loving the father-daughterness in this episode! Though there wasn't as much as there was in last week, their scenes are the best. Whee!

The Pretty Shinys! Yay!!

Veronica saying the lines to the movie in the beginning! I loved that, because that is SO me right there. Hee!

Bachelors night with the sheriff's department, with those little flyers? High-larious!

Logan dissing Kendall. Though their sex moments are ze hottness, I felt from both Logan and, oddly enough, for Kendall as well. Tell me I'm crazy?

Veronica's expression while attending the all-girls sleepover with Gia. She SO did not want to be a part of this girlie-girl thing, especially with Madison there talking about who's butt is bigger than whom's and so forth. Goodness, her bored expression and WTFness was priceless!

Cassidy appearing in this episode, yay! Me wants more Cassidy, please!

BACKUP!!!!! Yay for being in the episode, boo for no barking at the crazy single mom teacher lady and her undisciplined temper-tantrum son.

No Jackie tonight, at all! Yay!! *rejoices*

Logan and Veronica meeting in the bathroom (a.k.a. her "office" at Neptune High) Hee!

Logan's Inspirational Message via cell phone voicemail! Whee!

Ninja Turtles sleeping bag! Oh Veronica, you do me proud!

V.C. Andrews plot twist!! *loves Rob Thomas, like whoa*

Sooo much references tonight, it's making my head spin. *OMGasms*

Overall: AMAZING EPISODE, OMG! Seriously, I am now officially Rob Thomas' television bitch because, WOW. Totally blown away with everything that was revealed. The Meg Manning mystery is finally getting revealed, if not resolved soonly; the Kendall/Logan scandal is out in the open (and apparently getting dirty and repressed with the sex now), the Veronica/Duncan is still cute although I think things are going to get heated with their relationship, and the Veronica/Logan persnicketiness is still going strong. Keith is contemplating the on/off chance of still getting recongnition in Neptune and Veronica looking good in her outfits....what? I can't be shallow once for admiring her outfits?

Did I mention that I am absolutely and totally head-over-heels in love with this show? Seriously.

Still missing my Wallace, though. *sniffles* I want the BFF team back! Although the Wiedman/Veronica dynamic duo is totally working, as well

Next week's episode looks so intense. So intense. Poor ickle Logan! And who was that girl that revealed Veronica's name? I know we know her, but the preview was going by so fast that I couldn't make out who it was. I cannot wait! November Sweeps should come around every month, wouldn't you say? *squees like mad*
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