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This is an addendum to my previous post in regards to the sudden cancellation of the Netflix series Sense8. Ever since the news was announced, the fandom has been incredible by calling into action to help save the show in whatever way they can. It's honestly impressive seeing the solidarity and unity fans have been having. I've seen it before with other shows that have been cancelled, and it is absolutely heartwarming how active and passionate and united fans can be.

So what can you do to also help and spread the word?

** Sign the petition. The signatures had grown significantly when it was created, which was the day of the announcement itself, and is still continues to grow. Sign and spread this petition around.

** Contact Netflix directly. There have been many people calling in or using the chat to talk with Netflix representatives about the cancellation. Some reports from these conversations have been very positive as they've been getting an overwhelming amount of calls about the show being cancelled, so adding your voice into the mix will continue to send that message through. And even though they most likely don't know the exact reasoning themselves on why the show was cancelled (since there's been a lot of contradictory statements when fans have been calling in asking this very question, so take what they say with a grain of salt), they still take down your statements and are listening regardless. Just be mindful to be polite and respectful when talking to them. I understand it is frustrating, but what happened wasn't their fault, they are just doing their job.

If you're wondering how to get into contact with them from where you live, here is a masterpost of the numbers by location. There is also a chat available on the Netflix website to if you don't want to call, and you don't have to have an account with them in order to use it.

** Visit

** Twitter users: Tweet your support by using the hashtags RenewSense8 and BringBackSense8, along with linking to the petition above. The latter tag was trending yesterday which was a fantastic turnout, but it needs to continue in order to be effective.

** Here is a list of multiple links which provide more information of what can be done that is reported throughout the fandom, and it seems to be updated regularly so definitely continue checking it out if you want to help. Also check this tag on their blog, as they've been using it to reblog more information from others about their experiences and updates and such.

Again, while doesn't guarantee anything, giving all this support and using our voices shows how dedicated the fanbase is and further demonstrates that we have been watching and we are not happy by this decision. Apparently this movement has been getting a lot of attention from outside sources, so that means something is working, at least of getting our voices heard. I'm always keeping an eye out through the fandom and seeing what else has been occurring, so I'll definitely keep everyone posted about the news I find out about this.
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