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20 June 2017 @ 02:07 am
There are many copies...  
++ The Battlestar Galactica reunion recently happened at the ATX Festival, which there are official EW portraits of the cast who attended. Just viewing those pictures and even seeing them all these lovely together again makes me so nostalgic for the show. BSG has been, and will always be, one of my absolute favorite television series of all time and as I mentioned before I really kind of want there to be a resurgence of the fandom; let people discover the brilliance of the show, get fandom more active again, bring on more merchandising, etc.

++ An official photoshoot with the main characters of Marvel's television series (Netflix's Marvel lineup and ABC's Agents of SHIELD) makes me want there to be a crossover so badly. It won't ever happen aside from maybe possibly making vague references to one another, but a girl can dream. Hell, I've already been having plenty of plotbunnies hopping around for a while now.

++ So the announcement trailer was released regarding the Life Is Strange prequel game, Life Is Strange: Before The Storm. Sadly, it seems that voice actress Ashly Burch, who voiced Chloe Price, won't be playing the character in the prequel due to the prolonged and still ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, which Square Enix decided to go with a non-union actress instead. Reading Ashly's comments about this difficult decision she had to make, also about how unfairly voice actors are often treated within the industry in general, it just honestly sucks all around. I admit to not being that knowledgeable on this particular topic, but reading that article and some other ones has given me a bit of a perspective on the sacrifices voice actors have to make.
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Renée: Battlestar Galactica.rogueslayer452 on June 20th, 2017 08:39 pm (UTC)
I was at a local Wizard World convention over the weekend and Edward James Olmos was there, so at least we had him representing the show somewhat. But other than that, there honestly was no merchandising for it or anything on the vending floor people were selling. It's kind of disheartening that such an iconic show isn't even talked about much or represented enough even at conventions. I mean sure, I understand the supply and demand factor and that conventions and other places go for what is currently popular and what will sell more, but still. It's kind of why I'm hoping for an anniversary of sorts so the show gets more attention, more recognition, and there to be a resurgence of people just discovering the show for the first time or revisiting it.

And I second having another line of the new BSG characters. Having Kara, Six and a Cylon Centurion was great, but we need more of the other characters, please. (Then again, Pop Funko is often weird when it comes to when to release certain lines from a certain franchise; they don't even have all of the Firefly characters out yet, ffs.)

P.S. have you ever played the BSG board game? Soooo fun, especially IG you are a fan of the show. Really recreates the same atmosphere.

I unfortunately haven't. I really want to though!