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No more monsters, I can breathe again.

++ Kesha's new song, "Praying", is honestly the most beautiful and emotionally raw songs I have heard lately, the lyrics are so powerful and the imagery in the music video so poignant and deep. Considering the struggle she's been dealing with for years, I am happy that she is able to write and sing something from the heart and show her creativity and just demonstrate how utterly talented she is. I know that her battle isn't over yet, but I'm hoping that this is the first step towards her having more creative and personal freedom. I cannot wait for the release of her album, Rainbow. And, because it needs to be repeated, I have and will always stand by Kesha. ❤

++ You can now buy the official Buffy the Vampire Slayer fashion collection over at Hot Topic. Some of it is also available at Boxlunch, as well. I bought myself Faith leather jacket because, well, obviously. I'm just happy there is something Faith related in the new merchandising.

++ The whole Photobucket situation is beyond fucked up, and downright criminal. Now I haven't used that site in years, but I know many people still used it for their graphics and such. And it's not just graphic makers/anyone that uploads their moodthemes/layouts who are being affected by this, everywhere across the Internet anyone who used PB as a main hosting site their images are being broken, too. Places like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and countless others. I know the site itself had become basically barely functional anyway over the years, but this is probably the stupidest thing they could've ever done. Nobody is going to pay a ridiculous amount of money for something that has been free since the beginning. I know that there are other free image hosting sites out there that are probably way better, but it still sucks that this had to happen and that so many people are being affected by it. If anyone knows of any other comparable hosting site, please let me know.

++ Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim are leaving Hawaii 5-0 due to inequality pay.

This whole thing is outrageous, but unfortunately hardly surprising since this seems to be a common occurrence with CBS for not paying or treating their actors fairly. I haven't watched H50 in a long time, but considering that Grace and Daniel, who have been with the show since the beginning, were of the main ensemble cast and hardly were supporting characters at all they should have been paid pretty much the same as Alex and Scott. They even shared the same amount of episodes, too. So seeking equal pay isn't an unreasonable request at all. But of course, CBS tried to claim that they offered a "significant amount" to them, but not only was this amount not enough it also further proves that Grace and Daniel were being paid significantly less for years. It's a sad situation, but I'm glad that they aren't settling for the lesser deal than they want. So now a show that is based in Hawaii has lost all its Asian actors. This makes me wonder if the show is going to be ending soon, because I cannot foresee this lasting very long now anyway.
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