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In the name of all that is good...

I know I'm very late into the game, but I finally saw Wonder Woman, and my feelings can be summed up in these particular brief points:

** Diana is such a good, kindhearted and pure soul and we absolutely do not deserve her.

** I want to become Diana when I grow up.

** We should all aspire to be the kind of human beings that Diana wants and believes us to be.

Essentially, the film is worth the praise and hype it's been receiving. Gal Gadot is magnificent as Diana, and I'm really looking forward to the sequel, especially since it appears that Patty Jenkins is going to still be involved. I'm also very happy that the film is exceeding so much in the box office as it is with the critical and fan praise. Also, very recently Deadpool congratulated Wonder Woman surpassing Deadpool. So, yeah. Wonder Woman wins. ❤
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