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Castlevania is an anime series on Netflix based on the popular video game franchise of the same name. The first season contains only four 25-minute long episodes, and these four episodes essentially pretty much build and setup the entire premise of the series.

So, admittedly, even though I'm someone who has never played any of the Castlevania games and has very limited knowledge of the story or lore attached to them, the main reason why I was interested in watching this show to begin with was because of Richard Armitage who provides the voice of our main protagonist, Trevor Belmont. When I heard he was going to be involved in an anime I was honestly pleasantly surprised. It shouldn't have been since he's such a versatile actor who has done several different mediums from film and television to theater and done a number of audiobooks, but somehow I never thought he would actually provide a voice for an anime. I'm definitely not complaining, it just seemed rather random. Then again, that's how I felt when he was cast in Hannibal, because that was a brilliant show and Richard hadn't really done American television so it was such good exposure. This is even more so because now so many more people are getting introduced to him because of what he does in this role, and it's all so amazing.

But yes, Trevor Belmont is the main protagonist. He is sarcastic, grumpy, kind of an asshole and very blunt about things, but at the same time has a good heart and maintains his humanity despite the state of the world around him and the shitty situations he often finds himself in. I mean, his introduction was him being drunk and getting into a bar fight all the while making dry sarcastic comebacks. And all he wants to do is get drunk, eat and sleep underneath a freaking tree before moving onto his next destination. But upon seeing a Speaker getting mistreated and about to be killed by religious assholes, he goes with his instincts to stop it despite at first wanting to walk away and not get involved. If you want me to fall in love with a character, this was definitely the way of going about it. Especially when you see his character development. That is something I really appreciated about the show so far, in only four episodes we see Trevor, who started off rather indifferent in the beginning, truly recognizing the gravity of what is happening and taking on the responsibility he was meant for. Before he would hide his family crest due to having been disgraced, but by the end when he sheds off his (absolutely fabulous) fur cloak and announces who he is and starts kicking ass and taking names, you know he's now fully in the game, especially with his epic fight with Alucard towards the end of the last episode, and it was glorious to watch.

Castlevania is definitely well-made for the four episodes we currently have so far. In the first episode we got background on Dracula, which I definitely need more of in the second season through flashbacks, because even though he is the villain of the story and doing horrible things they made it so the audience could actually empathized with him and understand his reasons on why. The animation is simply gorgeous, from the color palette to the fluidity of motion especially during the fighting sequences, and the music is also very beautiful and fits the atmosphere. I also really love how this is an anime series made for adults, it has lots of violence, gore and profanity as evident from one of the scenes in the first episode, and it's only when appropriately needed and not gratuitously overdone. The humor, oftentimes dark itself, adds something special to the series as well. And of course, the other voice actors do an amazing job with bringing their respective characters to life, special mention to James Callis as Alucard and Graham McTavish as Dracula. It leaves me wanting more for the second season.

Basically, I went into this show for Richard Armitage, who does an amazing job as usual, and I stayed for both him and the intriguing story. I am highly anticipating what else they have in store.

I definitely recommend Castlevania even if you aren't one normally to watch anime series. The first season is only four episodes, each one about 25 minutes long so it's a quick watch for anyone interested. These four episodes altogether serve as kind of a pilot in a way, basically an introduction to the characters and setup of the story, which was a smart move to make since it was about testing the waters whether people were interested in something like this, and considering the praise the series has been getting, they are now able to continue. The show has already been renewed for a second season (and will feature eight episodes) which will premiere in 2018, and Richard Armitage posted on his Instagram that he was back in the studio recording for it. So I'm really excited for what comes next.
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