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You're a dragon. Be a dragon.

++ Wynonna Earp has been renewed for a third season! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

++ The Critical Role panel at SDCC was amazing, as all their panels are at conventions. But I'm honestly very excited because, aside from being incredibly funny as they usually are and answering all the fantastic questions, it was announced that there is going to be a comic book released about the early days of Vox Machina, how they all met and the adventures they had pre-stream. We know some of the details which they've informed us about here and there but never told or explained fully, and now we get it in comic book form! Which is honestly the best idea to kind of give the audience, especially newer audiences to the show, some background since the stream pretty much began in the middle of their campaign. Furthermore, the actually selectively chose a fan artist to do the artwork for the comic. One of the many things I love about Matthew Mercer and everyone involved with CR is how much they love and appreciate the fanbase and everything that comes from the fandom community. This, along with the official campaign book, is what I'll definitely be getting.

++ With the countdown for Carmilla: The Movie, which I honestly cannot wait for, there's been a lot of content featured on the KindaTV channel. This also includes Natasha Negovanlis reading a bit from the actual Carmilla novella. I've never read the novella myself, however, listening to Natasha read while giving some snarky bits of commentary here and there is what I'm living for. ❤

++ Game of Thrones is still a massive piece of garbage shitshow for multiple reasons, however I cannot deny that I'm immensely happy that Dany and Jon have finally met and that the remaining Stark children are finally reuniting after all this time. I'm still incredibly bitter and apathetic about all the other poor decisions the show continues to make for the sake of popularity/ratings and failure at understanding the source material in which they are adapting from, but these are very particular things I've been wanting and waiting for a long, long time. And honestly? I'm kind of angry at myself for being a sucker for these emotional character moments every single time.

At least this and the next season will be the last of the show, and then hopefully GRRM will actually release the final two books. If he ever decides to release them in the near future, that is.

++ Although having not watched Doctor Who in long time (I stopped after season six, after having previously stopped after the Ninth Doctor I think...I admittedly have a very complicated relationship with this show, lol), I'm very pleased with the casting announcement about the Thirteenth Doctor being a woman. Finally. It's about damn time. I am not familiar with the actress or her work, but I've seen many who are delighted by this choice due to the projects she's been in, so I'm sure she'll do a good job. Combining this announcement and the fact that Moffat is finally leaving the show, I'm quite tempted to getting back into it. Although it honestly depends on the new showrunner and how they'll be handling the story and the writing of the characters. Regardless though, the fact that the Doctor being genderfluid is now officially canon is truly amazing.
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