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01 September 2017 @ 03:28 pm
Save Dark Matter.  
Dark Matter just got cancelled by Syfy.

When I read this, my heart sunk. I am utterly devastated and heartbroken.

Dark Matter is honestly one of the best science fiction shows I have had the pleasure of watching in years. It not only features some of my favorite tropes, but has such wonderful representation with a diverse cast, all the characters are three-dimensional and complex, and the storytelling and plot are just amazing. It was a mixture of so many things I enjoy about this genre and it filled this void in my soul that had been missing since BSG ended. This little found family found their way into my heart and it's always been a joy watching as their story continued forward. To suddenly have it be cancelled after three strong seasons (it was not only one of the best shows on the network but also one of their highest performing ones too, and the ratings were continually going up) is a damn travesty and I just cannot fathom what caused such a decision, especially since it was among an amazing lineup of other amazing shows. Then again, this isn't new for Syfy to be completely unfair when it comes to their own shows, so it's not surprising that they're failing to comment on why they suddenly decided to cancel one of their best shows.

I want to believe that the show can be saved, somehow. If only for one more season. I know that this seems impossible and a huge longshot, but this is how I react whenever something I love gets unjustly cancelled. I want to have hope that with enough fan support something can be done, even if it's just a small thing like half a season to wrap things up proper.

Sign this petition to help save the show. Again, like always with these things, there is no guarantee but we can at least try. If there are other petitions or fan campaigns available I'll make sure to update with those. But for the time being this is the only one that was just created. So please go sign that, and if you have Twitter go and share it along with hashtagging with the proper tags with the rest of the fandom to show support in hopes of a possible renewal.
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Renée: Defiance. Irisa Nyria.rogueslayer452 on September 9th, 2017 05:58 am (UTC)
Based on everything I've read, the show was doing incredibly well, many people were loving it, and it was considered one of the best shows on the channel. And it was among such a great lineup, too. So the sudden cancellation makes absolutely no sense. And with one show getting renewed for two seasons and this basically just gone, it reeks of executive favoritism, tbh. (Not that this is new for Syfy, they've screwed over plenty of their other shows in the past before, some which I'm still bitter about.)

I want to believe that, with how vocal the fanbase has been with the petition and campaigning for it to be renewed, that someone somewhere will hear and help pick it up for the show to at least get some closure. The creator behind the show is fighting alongside with us hoping for this, too.