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The Carmilla Movie: Teaser Trailer

Some happy news, the official teaser trailer for the Carmilla feature film is here:

Not much is given away in terms of the plot, though the fandom will no doubt be speculating just based off the chosen scenes featured. Nonetheless, this teaser is definitely about showing off the production value more than anything, and how this greatly differs from the webseries in its filming style. We got a taste of how different the series could be without the webcam viewpoint during the last few episodes of its third/final season, and it makes sense that they decided to go that route for the movie to make it more cinematic. Besides, I always wanted more with not just other characters but everything else happening around them. It left much to the imagination in the webseries, which they did a great job at setting the atmosphere without really showing much given the limited camera perspective. And now it seems that we're going beyond that webcam and more into this world that we've been familiarized with but never really seen much of, and I really like that.

I don't have much speculation of what the movie could be about, aside from small tidbits that Natasha has mentioned, I'm just waiting to be surprised until it officially premieres. But I will say I'm enamored with the set design, the costuming, and some of the guest actors featured in this film. And the music used in the teaser? Amazing.

October cannot come fast enough! KindaTV will continue bringing the goodies leading up to the premiere of the film, featuring of course Natasha being her usual lovely self. ❤
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