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We're still fighting.

The petition to help save Dark Matter has overwhelmingly reached over 30K signatures only after days since it was created, and it's still growing.

Joseph Mallozzi, the creator of the show, has been joining the fight to help get the show renewed and giving us updates on the goings on from his end. He, among many others involved with the show, were also bewildered and stunned by the sudden cancellation. While it's true that this the nature of the business is far more complicated and complex behind the scenes, this decision seemed rather illogical and strange considering how well the show was doing. And while there is some hope and optimism especially with how strongly the fanbase has reacted and even some others in the business as well, there is still work need to be done to gain attention from others who can help pick the show back up to finish the story.

So continue spreading the petition around, go on Twitter and use the appropriate tags to show support, contact Netflix directly via phone conversation or emails. Just keep on fighting. If Sense8 can at least get closure after its unjust cancellation, so can Dark Matter.
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