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Fandomosity: Jossverse (BDM, Firefly, VMars), Potterisms (GOF)

Tonight, the Sci-Fi Channel will be rerunning "Serenity, Part 2" this evening. Be sure to catch the encore of the two-part pilot of Firefly! River in a box, Reavers and Whitefall with Patience, all shiny!

-♠- Serenity Santa, Yay!: As of right at this moment, Firefly is #15 on's Top Seller List, following with Serenity #16. For those wanting the Big Damn Sequel, make sure you buy the Serenity DVD by pr-ordering off of Amazon. Get two or three if you wish; the best holiday gift for this year!

-♠- "Are You Still All....Grr!?": Charisma Carpenter praises Joss Whedon. In an interview with TV Guide Insider with Charisma Carpenter and Jason Dohring, Charisma was excited and thrilled that Joss was signed onto Veronica Mars. Shiny!

-♠- Can't Take The Sky From Us: The Firefly Talk podcast as episode #5 available now. Segments include "Elusive Inara" and "I Aim To Disobey: Malcolm Reynolds and Civil Disobedience". Also, if you missed episode #4, the segments in that podcast included "Before And After Session 416" a study of River Tam's transition and "Aliens? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Aliens!", discussion about the brilliance of the future without aliens and how Firefly is a different kind of Science Fiction.

-♠- Fire On Fire: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire opens today (offically last night, midnight). So, all your Potterites out there, join in the excitement --- there's been many raving reviews for this fourth addition to the HP filmverse. Also, Goblet of Fire will be in IMAX tomorrow.
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