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O, Spoopy.

++ I hope everyone had a nice Halloween, if you celebrated. Mine was pretty chill. I dressed up for part of the day, but I just stayed home, watching some scary stuff, and that was basically it. I do wish that one of these days that I'll be able to do something more festive (going to themed parties, haunted houses, and the like), but I'll have to get invited to these things first or plan way ahead for such ventures. But otherwise, October is the month where I basically just watch my collection of horror movies and television shows, walk around and look at all the spooky displays in stores, and just enjoy the overall atmosphere of the holiday, which I'm perfectly fine with.

++ Speaking of which, I've been wanting to make a post about some of my favorite horror movies/shows/other things in media as kind of a recommendation post, but I procrastinated too long and since it's after Halloween it might be too late. Although I will recommend CryptTV, which is a YouTube channel that features short horror films, all of them pretty unique and many that have a twist of some kind. So if you're a fan of horror you'll definitely enjoy the content there.

++ A new trailer for The Last Of Us, Part II was released, and while it doesn't feature Ellie or Joel it does offer us new characters and phenomenal graphics. Also, it has been confirmed that Laura Bailey is part of the game! I'm so thrilled because, thanks to Critical Role, I've become such a huge fan of hers and I'm so curious as to who the character she plays, because while we see the character she plays there are no names attached. It's just speculation until the game arrives, which I'm more than happy to wait for. I'm so excited for this game.
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