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If you say "great power comes with great responsibility"...

++ Jessica Jones's second season premieres on March 8th, 2018! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

++ We have a new Deadpool teaser, or, rather at least another marketing for the sequel since there isn't any new footage. Which considering their genius marketing strategy expect more of these kinds of advertisements for the film to come out between now until the movie premieres. This one is dedicated to the fans in Brazil. Also, I do believe that is Morena Baccarin doing the Portuguese voiceover, since she is Brazilian and speaks it fluently as evident in various interviews. Plus I recognized her voice. Plus it makes sense, she's in the films, so why wouldn't she contribute to the marketing in some form or another.

++ Richard Armitage has been quite busy lately himself, with some exciting upcoming projects. Berlin Station has been renewed for a third season, he is recording the audiobook for The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris (which judging by the author's reaction she is quite pleased with him recording for her book), and it's also been announced that he is cast as Wolverine in the new scripted podcast that Marvel is developing. I find this utterly fascinating because I've been hearing people say that Richard and Hugh Jackman kinda look alike, so even though it's only audio this makes me chuckle a bit, but I'm also intrigued and interested with what he'll be doing with the character. Let's not forget that the second season of Castlevania will be out next year, along with him making an appearance in Ocean's Eight. And along with all of this, I'm just very happy for him. He's been doing very well in recent years, not that he wasn't doing well before, but he's been getting a lot of work and being a fan of Richard ever since The Hobbit I'm just very happy and proud that he is continually getting work and doing what he loves and enjoys.

++ Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors is going to be an animated film exploring more of the Marvel characters teaming up with each other, most of them are, indeed, women characters. Chloe Bennet is reprising her role as Daisy Johnson in this, which I think is fantastic. Ming-Na Wen is also cast in this, plus the rest of the cast looks amazing as well.

++ So, I vaguely watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch when it was on during my teen years (though it made enough impression on me that I dressed up as her for Halloween during junior high), but I wasn't aware that her character was part of the Archie Comics. This revelation, of course, was brought on when the news that Netflix has ordered two seasons for adapting their own Sabrina the Teenage Witch series, based off of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comics. Originally meant to be adapted for CW as a companion to Riverdale, the move to Netflix is actually much better because this gives more room and freedom to go into darker territory as the comics imply. Now I haven't read the comics, but it has gotten me very curious of what to expect.

++ Apparently FX is going to be adapting Welcome To Night Vale into a television show. I...don't know what to make of this news, to be honest. One of the best parts with the podcast was allowing the audience to use their imaginations, which the creators have reiterated time and again was the major point of not making confirming any kind of physical appearances of characters, especially Cecil, and it's what kept the fandom thriving with the many discussions, fanart, fanfiction, cosplays, etc. I fear that having it become a television show would lose the magic of what the podcast created, not just with such a vast and expansive world but also the diversity of the characters, especially the LGBT aspect which has been an incredibly important part of the podcast. I would only accept this if the creators behind the podcast had complete creative control without any kind of meddling from network executives. Otherwise, my stance remains rather on the fence about this whole thing. It's not that I don't think it's impossible to adapt it on a visual format and I'm not trying to be negative especially if they're willing to experiment and branch out to other mediums, but for something as innovative and unique as WTNV in matters of storytelling, characters and world-building, it has to be done just right without fucking it up. On the other hand, perhaps I'm looking at this at the wrong angle. Perhaps it won't be a direct adaptation but rather just adapting the existence of that world, where Cecil isn't shown but is more of a disembodied voice over the radio and the show will be more about individual citizens living in Night Vale and the regularly bizarre occurrences that happen there. That I can see being more workable. Overall, it's like with the whole Lord of the Rings television series situation, the possibilities are endless but it needs to be the right fit and done by those who understand the source material at its core.

However, I will say this has got me to thinking about how this little podcast that started many years ago, rose in popularity due to it being circulated about on Tumblr, and how it has just expanded beyond anything the audience and the creators could have ever imagined, including doing live shows of the podcast, publishing books, and now a television show in development. WTNV has become quite a cult phenomenon in its own right and, while I still have to catch up on episodes myself, I'm actually pretty proud to have been there since the beginning.
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