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Fandom Snowflake Challenge: Day 3

In your own space, post recs for at least three fanworks that you did not create.

As someone who consumes and enjoys different types of fanwork every single day, I'm going to be making this into sections, so it will most definitely be more than three things. I love recommending things that I have discovered, and because with all the insanely creative individuals that are in fandom it is absolutely worth sharing their work and giving them the much deserved recognition.


Daisy Johnson | Destroyer Of Worlds by Margarita Life
Character / Fandom: Daisy Johnson, Agents of SHIELD
Personal Commentary: This is one of the more recent videos, but it has become one of my favorites. The video is essentially a character study on Daisy Johnson and her growth of discovering herself and finding her own identity, along with the personal struggles along the way. The video is wonderfully edited to show the brilliant continuity throughout the seasons regarding her character development, and it is paired beautifully with the music. Daisy being my favorite character of the show, this video spoke to me and it is just so good. Highly recommend people to watch it. There are some spoilers in the video about certain things that have happened throughout the five seasons of the show, but nothing too big, jsyk.

The Daisy Johnson Epic by CrazyGirlVids (craziergirl1870)
Character / Fandom: Daisy Johnson, Agents of SHIELD
Personal Commentary: Another Daisy Johnson video, because I love her so much. This is another character study, telling the story of Daisy throughout the seasons, mostly from the first season through the first half of the fourth season, so there are spoilers. This is yet another beautifully edited fanvid, from the chosen scenes and dialogue featured to the choice of music which set the tone of each transition perfectly. I love coming back to this fanvid because it is so well done.

Jessica Jones | Gasoline by jess9191
Character / Fandom: Jessica Jones, Jessica Jones
Personal Commentary: This was one of the first fanvids I saw of Jessica Jones after I binged watched the show, and I love pretty much everything about it. It mainly focuses on Jessica and everything that she went through in the first season, and it is beautifully edited, the use of colors and fast transitions with scenes to match the pace of the music, it's so, so great. I love fanvids that don't go overboard with special effects and just allow the scenes to fluidly transition from one to the other, and this is a great example of that.

Jessica Jones | Control by Cantrous
Character / Fandom: Jessica Jones, Jessica Jones
Personal Commentary: Halsey's music is basically made to be part of Jessica's life, it seems, which I don't mind at all because this song fits perfectly for the tone of the first season. This video focuses entirely on the fucked up nature of Jessica and Kilgrave's relationship, how manipulative and controlling he is even when he's not mind controlling her, and it's about Jessica regaining her control of her life and confronting her abuser. Massive spoilers for the first season. But it's such a good video. One of my favorite things is the editing of scenes to match the lyrics.

Unnatural Selection by charmax
Character / Fandom: Battlestar Galactica and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Personal Commentary: This one's a throwback, and oldie but definitely a goodie. I always come back to this vid every so often because of how amazing it is, not just with the editing but with the song choice which is a mashup of of The Pixies and The Pussycat Dolls, and it works incredibly well with the combination of two of my favorite shows. If that isn't enough to get you enticed, just watch the video and you'll see how amazingly put together it is.


e-ripley: On Tumblr, she makes such amazing gifs that it's insane. All fantastic quality, of different fandoms such as The Expanse, Tomb Raider, Dark Matter, Nikita, anything DC related, various video games and movies, and so much more. She's also the only person I've seen to make high quality Witchblade gifsets, which surprised me considering how long ago that show was and how I never realized anybody of the Tumblr-sphere would even know about! I always look forward to seeing what she gifs next, because not only could it be something I never thought anyone would gif, but the quality of her gifs are perfect.

jabba*: I came for the Percival Graves/Colin Farrell gifsets and photoshop edits, stayed for everything else. She is yet another fantastic quality gifmaker who does amazing work.

(* They change their username every so often, as with most Tumblr users. They changed theirs most recently, they were previously ewan-mcgregor.)

When it comes to fanart, there are so many talented artists out there that it is difficult to choose just a selected few.

Critical Role Source has an entire tag dedicated to showcasing all the different kinds of fanart the fandom has created, both from the first campaign and now the new campaign that just started. I remember when I first got into the show at the beginning of last year this was one of the places I looked at and was fascinated by the amount of art that was created. Even if you're new to Critical Role or haven't even heard of it before, you can still appreciate the fanart people make and seeing the different styles and the amount of detail they put into it is so worth browsing and looking at.

And because I love Percival Graves from Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, here are a few fanartists who have done an amazing job with creating art for him along with some of my favorite pieces: qed221b (I really love her style, with this particular piece being my favorite, since just the notion of Percival trying to go a month without coffee and needing everyone else to help push him along until he makes it is adorable and hilarious to me also headcanon accepted), questionartbox (this one happens to be my favorite piece, just his tired, defeated expression hoping that somehow someone will save him from being held captive by a madman), and mto-art (with this is by far my favorite she's done. I love everything about it, his hug with Tina, his reassuring Abernathy that everything is okay, his entire look post-captivity, everything).
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