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Observations and Theories: Veronica Mars, Episodes 2.06--2.07

Who really killed Amelia DeLongpre, and for what purpose? I know that at the end of "Rat Saw God" that Veronica and Wiedman teamed up and discovered that a guy named Carlos Mercado possibly killed Amelia at the Palm Tree Lodge, but is that who really brutally murdered her and left her body in the ice machine? If so, why did he do it? My guess is that it probably was about the money. Amelia withdrew more money from Kane Software after only receiving three-million from the settlement made by Abel for taking the fall for Lilly's murder. However, Amelia had received that money months ago, why would she be running and asking for more money? Did she and Carlos Mercado have a little fling, or exchange of words the frightened her? Or possibly did he threaten her for the money for himself? I'm expecting the answer to be raised up in upcoming episodes. For if Amelia suddenly appeared inside Clarence Wiedman's office in Kane Software demanding more money, something had to be up; Wiedman was too suspicious of Amelia's whereabouts after Veronica popping up asking about her to let the incident slide off his radar.

Like Father, Like Son: Aaron still maintains in convincing his innocence to Logan? Subtle. After that little confrontation in the Neptune jailhouse, Aaron Echolls is trying to keep Logan from thinking of him as a murderer. Which is nice and all, not letting your own flesh and blood think any lower of you than they aleady do (and I'm referring to Logan's feelings about his father, because they never really had a close and friendly relationship in the first place), however I'm having a little trouble seeing where this is going. Logan is very messed up, beyond any dysfunctional level. This little confrontation with his father will either make Logan realize that he isn't like his father, or more like his father than he realizes. Red-herring obviously and fitting, considering the crime he's framed to committing. Rob Thomas did say he's focusing more on Logan this season than on Veronica, so perhaps there'll be twists and turns --- and judging from next week's episode, that'll be the November Sweeps winner. Personally? I don't think Logan murdered Felix; someone is defintely setting him up, perhaps as payback for whatever reason.

Kendall Casablancas, Neptune's own Sex-Addicted Gold-Digging Manipulator. The Kendall/Logan affair has remained hot until this latest episode, where Kendall tries to manipulate Logan into being in a "serious" relationship after losing her other financial crutch left the country and Logan slaps her in the face of reality that theirs was just a physical playdate. Just sex, nothing deeper than that. You'd think Big Dick would kind of know that his new Trophy Wife would be sucking off his money and having sex on the side --- then again, he was creating a fraud business, so probably was too blind to notice what was happening right underneath his nose, until Cassidy showed him. What else does Kendall have up her sleeve, other than seducing high school boys? She said, "this is my job", referring to her gold-digging, sex scandals with younger men deal. But is that really what she meant, or is she referring to destroying the lives of others?

Sheriff Lamb, no longer Officer Fuckface. Due to the revelation of the most recent episode, there's definitely more to Lamb than meets the eye. He has layers, people! Complexity with him not turning Veronica and Duncan into the station for breaking into the Manning household because of their discovery. The best part? He didn't even breathe a word to them about why he let them go, and the last scene with him parked out in front of the house, watching Meg's parents. While he still has tendencies to being an asshole for making everyone's life a living hell, Lamb does have some character without being complerely cardboard.

"That's gonna mess up your TiVo." I have a theory: the PCHers didn't set Logan's house ablaze. I'm thinking it's whomever's framing him for Felix's murder. Even though it was implied that Weevil wanted to mess with Logan for getting off, once again, that's definitely a red-herring. Again, I think we're going to get more answers in next week's episode.

The Wit of Logan Echolls. Let me just mention that I adore Logan's defensive mechanism of witticisms and cracking jokes. Classic Logan Echolls! Especially when he was in the line-up and he was making his "acceptance speech" in front of the double-sided mirror for being chosen amongst other criminals. Hee! Too humorous, and Jason Dohring does a fantabulous job in anything comical for Logan; I don't expect anything less from him. I remember his sarcasm during "Leave It To Beaver" when he was being held in the room with Lamb and he asked that he could make his one-phone call and when Lamb denied him that wish, he pulled out his cell phone like a "Ta-Da!" Too adorable, Logan.

Veronica's style of clothing, defining of character. This is an observation throughout the season as it's progressing. From the premiere Veronica is seen wearing very Abercrombie & Fitch-esque kind of clothing, sort of the things you'd expect old!Veronica to be wearing while hanging out with Lilly. Lately she's been toning down that look and going for her usual comfortable outlook of clothing, but still looking stylish with Old Navy-ish touches. Of course, her messenger bag as seen throughout the entire series is an American Eagle bag, to which anyone can bid on getting an exact replica via E-Bay. Veronica does have preppier clothes this time around, but there's definitely nothing wrong with that. Because Veronica/Kristen looks adorable and incredibly hot in the outfits worn in all the episodes (to some I'm desperately wanting replicas of). And it's representing her change of character from last season; she has more confidence in herself since unsolving the secret about her rape and being at peace with Lilly's murder. She's not exactly fitting into the 09er crowd to her liking, but the teasing and mocking of her seemed to have dwindled since then, because girls aren't putting her clothes in the toliet seats anymore and flattening her tires. So, yay for new wardrobe choices --- but if the Mars family isn't necessarily broke or wealthy enough, where does she get the cash to get these clothes? Is Duncan treating her to days at the mall? Hmmm.....

TRIVIA: Rob Thomas chose the episode title, "Rat Saw God", based upon his own book called Rats Saw God, which was his first novel. Crazy the things you find every now and again, eh?
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