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It takes a monster to stop a monster.

++ Another trailer for Jessica Jones season two was just released. I'm honestly so hyped up, and not just because it's been forever since the first season. Based on this trailer and what we've already known for months now, the second season is going to get more personal for Jessica as we explore her backstory, and just on all the information I know from interviews about this season it's gonna be good.

++ We have a new Deadpool 2 teaser featuring a first look at Cable, it's half the usual humor for these adverts and half quick snippets from the film without giving away any spoilers. Bless. I cannot wait for this film, which is to be released in May. Also, while most refer to it as Deadpool 2, I don't think the movie has an official title yet, unless it's just going to be called The Untitled Deadpool Sequel, which, let's face it, would be the most Deadpool thing to do, lol.

++ Wolverine: The Long Night is a scripted podcast series which has Richard Armitage playing Logan/Wolverine. The teaser gives a bit of what the podcast will sound like, the structure of how the story will go and the different voices, including Richard's Wolverine voice which is damn amazing. According to this interview they instantly knew that they wanted Richard to voice Wolverine because of the baritone of his voice and how he kind of embodies the characters entirely with her performance, which being a fan of his for a while now it's hardly surprising with how immersed he gets for roles, and this apparently was no exception. It just makes me happy with how many people there are who are excited with the idea of Richard being involved in their projects and even actively want him in them. While the podcast will be only exclusively available on Stitcher Premium when it first premieres, I've read that it'll be widely released later this year on other platforms, so you don't have to worry about only being accessible on one particular place. Regardless, this is a different kind of medium to tell more stories is interesting and, depending on how well this does, it can mean more Marvel stories of this type.

++ With all the news that's been coming out lately, I feel like Star Wars kind of wants to become the next MCU with having not only an anthology movies series planned, but also another movie series and several television shows on different streaming platforms, while the sequel trilogy hasn't even finished yet. I'm not entirely certain how I feel about all of this, to be honest, aside from feeling like all of this is just a senseless cash grab on the Star Wars popularity, which isn't a good thing and people will catch onto this, if they haven't already. This is why extending franchises like this is a bad idea, because the saturation will exhaust everyone, as it's happened with plenty of other film franchises over recent years that started off strong but fizzled out towards the end. A better strategy would be allow the sequel trilogy to finish and wait a while before wanting to do something else with that universe. Spacing things out in between has proven to work better to keep that excitement and anticipation without being too overwhelming with unnecessary things.
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