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Critical Role: Campaign 2

Critical Role started their second campaign in January, which they're about six episodes into at the moment. I just wanted to write out my current thoughts on the state of things so far, particularly with the introduction of the new characters and where the story is going.

The second campaign, also known as season two of the show, is set approximately twenty years after the events of where the first campaign ended, and is on the continent of Wildemount in the world of Exandria. And already just from the first episode, from the first descriptions Matt was giving about where they were and what was happening, I was so utterly captivated and fascinated with what we were getting into. Heading into this new campaign is much different from the first because, when they started streaming the show their characters had already been previously established from their home game and we, the audience, were thrown kind of in the middle of their already ongoing story and had to play catch-up. Here, however, it is all new to everyone. We are all starting fresh and it's just so wonderful to kind of figure things out right along with them. And since this is just the very beginning of the campaign much of it is just understanding who the new characters are, where they fit in with each other, wherein wacky shenanigans happen because they are at the lower levels and still figuring out their stats and new character abilities, alongside the gradual reveal of plot. Speaking of which, right from the moment the characters were introduced I fell in love instantly.

I think one of my favorite things at the moment is how things about their characters are slowly being unraveled as each episode goes on. They don't want to reveal too much and just want it to progress naturally and organically as the story continues, but I like that Matt kind of does allow certain things to be revealed through their "reverse whisper" one-on-one moments, while still having this air of mystery surrounding their characters. We don't know much about them yet, only bits and pieces, but it gives us a sense of trust nothing and question everything.

I'm trying really hard to not speculate too much regarding their backstories, though. Fan theories are interesting to read, right now we're still in the beginning that will most likely get revealed within due time, so I'd rather not get my expectations too high based off of early speculating. I would prefer just going with the flow of the story on a weekly basis and seeing how it all turns out.

With that being said, however, I have started shipping. I promised myself not to do this because, again, it's far too early to start getting committed to particular ships because these characters are still getting to know each other and the dynamics could change as the episodes go on, but dammit if some of them kinda snuck up on me. As ships usually do. I'm really lowkey loving Fjord/Caleb, simply because of the interactions that are happening in the game. The mutual respect and admiration they have regarding their arcane abilities, with Caleb being rather flustered at the compliments made by Fjord, both being kind of the Responsible Dads™ of the whole group, and while idk where that is going to be heading I really love the potential of this and I just want to see more of them interacting and developing a bond between each other as the campaign continues. Also Beau/Yasha has potential as well, although because Ashley has only been there for two episodes out of their six so far, I'm waiting to see what comes from their character interactions once she is back for an extending amount of time.

My favorite characters that I latched onto immediately has been Jester and Fjord. Jester is just adorable, I love the mixture of a trickster cleric where she is both a joyous delight of upbeat positivity and cares about those she is with while at the same time thrives off of mischief. It's pretty great. And Fjord, admittedly I was instantly all about that because of the character design and the accent, but considering the recent developments of what his background could be I am even further intrigued by his story. The character I am most fascinated by would be Mollymauk, because he was part of the circus before that kind of went sideways and has now joined this group and where his role lies is still a mystery. I have watched the recent Talks Machina and there were some character things that Taliesin has mentioned that I will be taking into account, but I am very much enjoying just the nature of Mollymauk in general and can't wait to see what is slowly revealed about him to the rest of them. And of course Yasha, being the one we know little about because she hasn't be among the group aside from two episodes, so she's definitely a mystery to figure out once she returns. I also think it's pretty dope that she's an Aasimar, a race I was unfamiliar with and it'll be interesting to see her incorporated into the group.

But honestly, I love them all. They are such a delightful bunch of asshole misfits just trying to survive at the lower levels they are in now, figuring themselves out as they figure each other out, and figuring out what the hell is going on around them. I loved everyone in Vox Machina from the last campaign, and there was no doubt that I would end up falling in love with this new party just as much. And I'm so excited for the journey ahead of them.

So yeah, the new campaign is going on swimmingly. The characters are super fun and interesting (and everyone is just having so much fun playing around with their new characters and the interactions with everyone else, which is a normal occurrence but still one of the main perks of watching this show), and the direction of the plot is taking a fascinating turn that I'm curious and excited to see where this all leads to and what else may surprise us along the way.
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