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Will they know what you overcame, will they know you rewrote the game.

++ Vox Machina: An Exandrian Musical is a fan-created musical combining Hamilton and Critical Role. The cast of Critical Role have been fans of the Hamilton musical for some time now, and some fans decided to kind of use this inspiration to tell the story of the first campaign with their own version of the musical, to which cast have responded very positively to it. It truly is very, very well done. Granted, it won't necessarily make sense unless you have watched the first campaign, and it does contain spoilers. However, I highly recommend listening to at least the first track.

++ Speaking of Hamilton, we have "The Hamilton Polka" which is "Weird Al" Yankovic's remixed contribution. You know you've made it when Weird Al does a parody of your work.

++ And now we have premieres of upcoming shows: the second season of Jessica Jones premieres on March 8th on Netflix, Brooklyn Nine-Nine resumes their season on March 18th, the new Freeform series Siren premieres March 29th, the second season of Legion premieres on April 3th, The Expanse premieres its third season on April 11th, Elementary will return on April 30th, the series premiere of Cloak & Dagger is on June 7th. I know some were worried about Brooklyn Nine-Nine but it will return, with a possible amazing casting announcement that I'm happy about. I'm very excited about Jessica Jones and The Expanse, I still have to see the first season of Legion but just watching the trailers for the second season has intrigued me very much. Granted I'm mostly really liking them because of Aubrey Plaza, but y'know. And I'm quite curious about the new shows, Siren and Cloak & Dagger. Of course, these are the shows upcoming in the next few months. I'm still looking forward to some of my other shows later in the year, like Wynonna Earp and the Sense8 finale special which I'm really looking forward to.

There are, of course, some other shows that I want to check out but haven't yet, such as Altered Carbon and Marvel's Runaways. This is mostly due to my procrastination and also still being behind on some of my shows. I'm slowly rectifying this, though.
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