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Weekend Recap

Saturday (November 19th) -- Had to wake up at an ungodly hour so I could take a little travel out of town to San Francisco with my father, courtesy of visiting some of their art museums (it took approximately 2 and a half hours, and I had my Firefly/Serenity soundtracks to keep me occupied!) We were supposed to go to two main museums, unfortunately time with the first one had taken too long and it was getting pretty late -- and the streets in SF are nearly like a freaking maze, especially the steep roads. Meep! Anyway, the museum had some gorgeous pieces of artwork! One room is particular had a GIGANTIC chandelier hanging from the ceiling, made in the 1700s. Among other priceless artifacts as a carriage, religious paintings and statues, and Egyptian art. Wonderful exibit, very lovely. I wanted to go to the pier and visit the ships, however there were too many pedestrians and action so it was difficult to find a parking space, and it was getting pretty late. So my father promised to take me (and possibly my sister) some other day. Hopefully, he'll hold up on this promise. I was weary when I returned home.

Sunday (Today, November 20th) -- Lounging, as usual. Need to get back to my regular schedule for my theatre class tomorrow. Thanksgiving week starts, yay! On Wednesday we're planning on going to see Goblet of Fire, and then later possibly next week going to see it again in IMAX. Right as of now, I'm trying to write more NaNo while Poirot is playing in the background. Hoping to finish soon, without writer's block! *crosses fingers*
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