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Sometimes the recognition isn't about using bait...

++ I didn't watch the Oscars, I only paid attention to everyone reacting to it in real time, but I am so very happy that The Shape of Water won Best Picture. Part of me wishes that Get Out could have gotten it, as I feel like it deserved more wins (and it really would have stuck it to the Academy members who had really racist opinions about the film itself), but if there was to be another film to win instead anything by Guillermo del Toro would do. At least Get Out won for best original screenplay, which makes history as Jordan Peele is the first black person to win the award. The Shape of Water, Get Out, and Coco were the highlight wins of the event, which makes me happy.

++ The teaser for the second season of Luke Cage looks absolutely hype.

++ Krysten Ritter speculates that there won't be another season of The Defenders. I'm not even remotely surprised by this, considering how lukewarm and blah the first season was. The basic concept had potential but combined with the bad writing and execution of plot it just didn't deliver and was a huge letdown. Though I guess it served its purpose of getting the main characters together in some way, but it still could've been much better than it was. It's disappointing since it didn't take full advantage of the time they had, you know what I mean? At least now we can have them appearing and guesting in each other's respective shows.

++ We have a trailer for The Expanse S3 and it looks so good, I can't wait.
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