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Being a fan means never having to apologize for geeking out.

Fandom meme, snagged from goldenusagi.

01. What's the largest fandom you've ever been part of?
Either Buffy the Vampire Slayer (or anything related to the Whedonverse in general), Battlestar Galactica, Harry Potter, or Supernatural. Also, I guess Pretty Little Liars counts as well, since even though I didn't engage much with the fandom I knew it had a strong presence for going on as long as it did. And Sense8 because the sheer amount of fans uniting and rallying together that strongly against an unjust cancellation and to actually have that fan campaign work? That was quite possibly the best thing I've witnessed from a fandom community I've been involved with in a long time.

02. What's the smallest fandom you've ever been part of?
That's difficult to answer, because it's all subjective based on individual experience, isn't it? There have been some fandoms that I thought were bigger than they actually were, and fandoms that I thought were smaller but discovered they actually weren't. It really depends on where you go and how/when you interact with said fandom. For me, the smallest fandoms tend to be ones that are rather obscure or don't get enough attention, where it is impossible to find any talk about them and you have to search high and low for any discussion about it on the Internet. And quite frankly, I have had quite a handful of those kinds of fandoms, and usually those are ones that are short-lived or used to be big when the show aired but its afterlife is nonexistent in terms of fandom activity.

For example: Dark Angel. I absolutely loved and was obsessed with this show when it was on, and this was during the early Internet days for me and right before I joined online fandom. I went to the FOX website to see videos and went to some fanpages where there were fanvideos made and even read some fanfiction, but aside from that I didn't see much of a fandom presence. Any talk about the show now are from newcomers who only want to focus on Jensen Ackles' appearance and nothing else, much to my continued frustration because the show is so much more than that.

03. What's your oldest fandom love?
Before I knew what fandom was, Ocean Girl and Animorphs. After discovering online fandom, Buffy the Vampire Slayer for sure.

04. What's your newest fandom love?
Critical Role, which I've been rather obsessed with it for a little over a year now. I discovered it during the middle of its first campaign due to curiosity, because Ashley Johnson is involved in it, and it just blossomed from there. And now with them just starting their second campaign I am just all in no matter what, I fell in love with not just the show itself but also the people involved. Another new fandom love is The Expanse, which I had on my queue for a while now but was kind of occupied with other fandoms, but after pretty much binge-watching the first two seasons twice, especially in preparation for the upcoming third season, I just fell in love with it.

05. Do you mainly read/write/draw/vid Gen, M/F, F/F or M/M?
When it comes to fanfiction I mostly consume and gravitate more towards M/M and M/F types, and even with that I tend to prefer something that is of my OTP or a gen character study, though the latter is very difficult to find these days. I love fanart/vids/other fanwork of any kind if it's a pairing I enjoy and want to see more of, no matter if it's slash, femslash, het, OT3, polyships, etc.

06. If you ship, are you more of a OTP, Little Black dress or multi-shipper type of shipper?
I'm kind of all of the above. I'm someone that has plenty of OTPs for various fandoms, because when I fall in love with a pairing I will fall hard, but I'm also a multishipper at the same time. So I'm all about the OTPs, the multiships, the pairings that I ship casually, all of it. As long as I see a pairing, whether canon or not (usually not) that I like, I will have no problem shipping it.

07. What's your favourite genre/type of story?
With fanfiction, I tend to just go with whatever that involves my OTP or favorite character with very few exceptions. Yes, I have specific squirks and particular things I tend to avoid, but otherwise if a story sounds good based on the description and the warnings given, has a decent amount of word count and chapters, I'll probably read it.

08. What rating do you prefer your stories to be?
I don't think it really matters, just as long as the story is good. Though to kind of borrow what goldenusagi observed in her answer, I do tend to subconsciously gravitate more towards higher ratings, even though realistically I know that just because something has a "mature" label doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be of good quality. I think it's just that when something has a higher rating like that we have certain expectations, which is kind of ridiculous because there are plenty of lower rated stories that have just the same amount of substance and are just as good. At the end of the day though, the rating of a story shouldn't matter, but rather what is written inside.

Also, we now have the official Deadpool 2 trailer and if I wasn't hyped enough before this surely would do it. I don't know if it'll top the first film, though I like that they're kind of doing the meta thing with acknowledging that already in regards to there being a sequel, which I wouldn't expect anything less tbh. As a sidenote, Morena Baccarin looks so good. ❤
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