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You think of me, I'm what you see when you look at the sky...

++ I've decided to drop Legends of Tomorrow. I haven't been watching this season at all because I am just not motivated to do so, and it kinda feels like a chore otherwise. I still love Sara Lance and I appreciate that the show has expanded her character more than Arrow did, but as a whole Legends has been rather meh after the first season for me. And it's not like the first season was perfect or anything, but I just preferred that structure more than what the show has become, if that makes any sense. I know that they've embraced the ridiculousness and people are enjoying the campy fun and that's all fine and good, but I'm just not feeling it. I might return to the show at some point in the future depending on my mood, but as for right now I need a pause.

++ So Siren premiered and while I don't have any opinions or thoughts just yet since it just started, it did open pretty strong. I'm not sure how long that'll last, but I see potential of where the story could go. I will say, though, that the actress, Eline Powell, who plays Ryn (the mermaid/siren) is absolutely phenomenal. Her performance really sells that she is this mysteriously otherworldly being, predatory and unsettling yet vulnerable and childlike at the same time. One of the draws for me with this series is that they're going for the darker side of the mermaid mythology, so they really kind of got that down so far. I'm hoping it continues on like that, so we'll have to see as the season goes on. But still, kudos to the actress, I'm already loving Ryn so much.

++ Kesha has released a new music video for "I Need A Woman To Love", a cover of Janis Joplin, and it's LGBT-themed and shows actual footage of her officiating a lesbian couple. It's for an album called Universal Love, which will feature a variety of different artists, that are reimagining love songs centering around LGBT couples by changing the pronouns to be more inclusive. Also today, Janelle Monáe released a music video for "PYNK", which is both a celebration of women and LGBT, just like her previous video for "Make Me Feel", and both videos feature Tessa Thompson, obviously. I've always loved Janelle's music and her videos, but I particularly love how ambitious she's been getting with these concepts. Like, these visuals, the outfits, the blatant unapologetic imagery, the color palette, all of this is next level. It is pure artistry and should be recognized as such.

++ Hayley Kiyoko's debut album, Expectations, recently dropped and it's absolutely amazing. Most will know that Hayley started getting noticed for her music when she released "Girls Like Girls" back in 2015, which got a lot of attention, and she's been gradually releasing music/music videos over the years before now with the release of a full length album. She's been doing a lot of promotion for the album, doing interviews and live performances and such, and I have to say, she's very funny and seems very personable. I've only known her from her acting performances in the past and, of course, with her music but I didn't really know her, as a person, until most recently. Which makes sense because she has admitted that she's a very private person, but I think with this amount of exposure she's been getting lately she's been revealing more about herself bit by bit, which is great to see and I can't wait to see what else she brings in the future.
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