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Let's get down to business...

++ We have some more casting updates for the upcoming Disney live-action Mulan remake, which I'm pleasantly pleased about, especially Donnie Yen and Gong Li. From the sounds of things, it will most likely be a reimagining of the tale similar to what Maleficent was to Sleeping Beauty, since it won't be a direct adaptation from the animated film nor does it seem like it's following the Hua Mulan folklore. Honestly, while it's too early to judge I don't really have any high expectations for Disney to pull this off without fucking something up. I'm not nitpicking the lack of similarities to the Disney animated film like some others are (aside from the absence of Shang) which admittedly has been amusing to witness, it's more of them handling Chinese culture that I'm worried about. Overall, I just want this to be an all-Asian cast, for the CGI to not be too horrible, and for it to at least be somewhat halfway decent, please. Also? If they don't get Ming-Na Wen to play Mulan's mother or at least a cameo I'mma be sorely disappointed at the missed opportunity, just saying.

++ Another Ocean's 8 trailer dropped, and you know that I'm gonna see the fuck out of this movie because of the ladies, and of course for Richard Armitage. That is all I care about.

++ Jessica Jones has unsurprisingly been renewed for a third season, and obviously I'm very excited about it. I hope we don't have to wait for it too long like last time, though.

++ It was also announced that Grantchester will be returning for a fourth season, though it will be James Norton's last season it seems. I don't talk much about this show, since I had recently discovered it late last year, but I became kind of obsessed with it. I knew that there was talk after the third season ended that there was talk about James Norton might not return as Sidney Chambers, and any announcement of the show continuing was kind of placed on hold for a while until just recently, confirming that he will, indeed, be leaving the series. I don't know how they'll be handling his exit, but I will miss seeing James Norton as Sidney, because quite frankly one of the draws was seeing a hot vicar, and I really enjoyed watching the friendship between him and Geordie. Though over the course of the series Leonard started becoming my favorite character, as he's arguably the heart of the show, so should it continue on after S4, I kind of want them to focus on Leonard instead of bringing in a new vicar as a replacement.

++ Certain conventions happened over the weekend, C2E2 and Clexacon, which included some panels/interviews that were relevant to my interests. First, the Critical Role panel at C2E2 because I love those nerds so much, and then the Carmilla panel at Clexacon where Natasha and Elise talk about the legacy they created with their little webseries that premiered nearly five years ago. I'm still making my way through the panels of things I want to see, but for the most part those two specifically were ones that I was super excited to view.
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