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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ Playing Devil's Advocate Shiny: I finished watching the remaining unaired episodes of my Point Pleasant DVDs, and let me just announce that I cannot believe FOX let go of, yet, another brilliantly created series! It might've started off a little slow, but the storylines and the plots get picked up so quickly, especially nearing the end. The finale is such a cliffhanger, leaving so many possibilities to what could happen if there were to be a second season. Perhaps I should start a petition, or maybe start my own little rally of Point Pleasant folks just like the Browncoats did with Firefly; perhaps if I round enough people, there can be enough action for a renewal or, the farfetched possibility of a made-for-television movie. Yes, it's that good of a series. The religious mythologies, the historical meanings and the good versus evil and the what ifs for good overpowering the evil. Major love, and so very shiny.

+ 3-D Madness Shiny: Tonight is an all new Medium which is the special 3-D presentation episode. Many people have been iffy over this, but I'm incredibly excited! It was a hassle getting the 3-D glasses (since TV Guide didn't have it when this week's edition said it did, but I finally got them). So, I can't wait what this episode to air so I can experience it. Shiny!

+ Holiday Shiny!: Thanksgiving! There's plenty of things I'm grateful for, and I'll let those out when the day arrives. But still, shiny!
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