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When it's spring and you just want it to be fall already...

++ Céline Dion has a new song, "Ashes", which is a promotion for Deadpool 2 and the music video itself is absolutely delightful. It is both beautiful (with Celine herself singing) and hilarious (Deadpool dancing around dramatically, plus that ending), and I love how it's kind of a parody of the music videos commonly done for movies back in the 90s and early 00s. Very appropriately done for the sequel for Deadpool, because obviously, why not? lol

++ The official trailer for the second season of Luke Cage looks super dope, I'm here for it.

++ Richard Armitage has given us another short look into him voicing Logan in the Wolverine: The Long Night podcast serial. It's just another little bit of him discussing the character, but I love the footage accompanied with it too since it shows how interactive the recording process was which will no doubt provide much to the performances by the actors, which with every small snippet of these interviews we see bits and pieces of just what the recording sessions were like. Just a reminder that the podcast is available now only exclusively on Stitcher Preminum, and it will be released for a wider release on multiple platforms later this year in November.

++ Bryan Fuller has left The Vampire Chronicles television adaptation.

Honestly, I'm not entirely surprised. While I have no doubt that his vision would've been interesting to see, him being partnered with Anne Rice was rather strange to begin with considering they are total polar opposites of each other when it comes to their views of fandom, fanwork, and transformative works as a whole. Anyone who is aware of Rice's notoriously extensive history will understand how much of a controversial figure she is among fandom in general. So even in a professional work environment it's just not something that I can see working out well in the long run, imho. So I can't really say I'm disappointed that he's no longer attached to this. And I know that some are going to immediately scoff about go, "there he goes again abandoning projects" (which I personally think is a bit unfair since he's only left, like, a few things for different reasons, however since some of it happened very recently in a short amount of time it's unfortunately what he's now known for in some circles), but I definitely think there is more to the story than we know, and a lot probably had to do with the clashing of their personalities and conflict surrounding creative differences over adapting TVC for modern audiences.

I know that Bryan has been attempting to continue with finding a way of getting a fourth season for Hannibal and it's been reported multiple times that he's up for a Pushing Daisies reunion (in the world of constant revivals and reboots these days, it's not entirely improbable for either of these to work given the right opportunity). Although I selfishly still want him to go back to American Gods, like if anything that is something that I'm very bitter and disappointed he's no longer involved with.
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