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And the Roci flies once again....

The Expanse renewed by Amazon for a fourth season!

I was waiting for the official announcement once I heard there was negotiations being held a few days ago, and here it is. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

First with Brooklyn Nine-Nine and now with The Expanse, it truly seems like a rare miracle, though I do think that both these shows had certain advantages on their side which made the possibility of being saved from cancellation a bit higher than most. The Expanse had a very unique case where Syfy didn't completely own the rights to the show, Alcon Entertainment did, so once it had been cancelled the production company had faith that they could shop the show around to other places hoping someone would help pick them up because it was so critically acclaimed and successful and that Syfy's faulty business model shouldn't get in the way of it being renewed. Apparently, Amazon seemed to be the only place that was streaming the show, so it made sense to try and pitch it there. Never mind the overwhelming fan response, too, which was so passionate and powerful that there is no doubt that it also affected the final decision, as well. Hell, the cast even talked about the fan campaign in a recent radio interview where they discussed in awe of the whole experience, it's truly amazing how dedicated and determined fandom can be and how it can contribute so much to the saving grace of a show. And I also believe that Brooklyn Nine-Nine's luck mostly came from Mike Schur, since had his other shows not been highly successful on NBC already it probably would've been much harder to find a new home.

These were the two shows where their cancellations broke my heart the most during the upfronts this year, and I was advocating so hard for them to be renewed in whatever way they could. And I'm just so overwhelmed with emotion that both of these shows ended up getting saved. This rarely happens to any of my shows, so I consider it a major blessing. ❤

All of this got me thinking about, and appreciating, how things have shifted in terms of fan campaigning in the era of social media and having other alternative media platforms for shows to migrate to. It seemed not too long ago when the efforts of fan campaigns went virtually unnoticed aside from the creators of said show you wanted to save, and while not impossible it wasn't necessarily common for shows to rise from the ashes of cancellation. Nowadays it seems like the possibility is much greater than before due to the response being immediate and people taking action quicker than ever, and this gets attention. Mind you it doesn't guarantee anything, but the probability is definitely higher due to there being other methods and alternative opportunities available. It's such an interesting phenomenon, it makes you wonder about the future.
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