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You know what they say, when you do clownery....

++ For those few who aren't aware of the explosive news, the Roseanne revival was cancelled yesterday after its star made a racist tweet, which then started a rapid chain of events of everyone and everything no longer supporting the actress and the show, new and old, completely disappearing from television schedules. It started off as the highest rated series premieres which granted an immediate renewal and ended up becoming quickly cancelled after a mindless act of stupidity. All I can say is, good riddance. As someone who enjoyed the original series (the later seasons not so much, though), this revival was completely unnecessary from the very start, especially the more I read about the changes made which contradicted a lot about the original and the messages made there, the less inclined I was to even bother checking it out.

This is probably one of the best examples why not all revivals/reboots are always needed or necessary, and why relying entirely on nostalgia will often lead to disappointment.

++ Remember last year when Photobucket done fucked up with their abrupt policy change out of nowhere? Apparently now everything has been restored underneath new management. Granted, I think it's too little, too late because people were rightfully pissed off at the abrupt horrible business decision and have since moved onto other free image-hosting platforms. However, all images that were broken from that decision have been restored, which is definitely good since many sites were affected. I doubt people will go back to PB, though, since even with this statement it has gone relatively unnoticed by most since I don't think many care anymore. I'm happy that images have since been restored, but that's the only good thing about this.

++ I've been following what has been referred to as Cockygate for a while now. For those who don't know, here is a basic rundown of everything happening with it to date. The shorthand version, essentially an author is trying to trademark and claim the word "cocky" as her own, defending it as trying to protect her "brand", and is going after various romance authors demanding them to take away the word from their titles/descriptions/etc or else she'll sue them. With her level of unbelievable arrogance and entitlement, it has since escalated into something much bigger than it needs to be, as her latest antics has her wanting to take this non-issue to court. This entire situation is both ridiculously entertaining akin to old school fandom wanks, but is also equally frustrating especially for the authors unfortunately caught in the middle of this nonsense. Although I have to admit, the way the authors are uniting together to fight against this is remarkable (including creating a limited book that is basically a middle finger to the entire situation), even though this isn't a fight that they needed to be having anyway. This entire kerfuffle is still ongoing, so I'll be keeping my eye on how things progress.
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