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The Sense8 finale special premiered yesterday, and it was a beautiful masterpiece to an already phenomenal show that deserved so much better. There is so much to talk about it with what happened, but I really want to discuss one particular point that occurred. So naturally, massive spoilers!

Kala/Wolfgang/Rajan are a fucking canon poly relationship!

(♡ ♡ ♡)

This is something that I never thought would actually happen. What's interesting is that I did entertain the idea of them having a poly relationship when thinking about all the ways how this finale could bring a resolution to Kala's situation, but I didn't think it would happen, never mind the way it happened in the finale. And honestly? I'm into it. I thought it worked really well with the limited amount of time we had with wrapping things up. Did I wish we had more time to further develop and explore Kala coming to this decision? Of course, same with everything else that happened in the finale too, because Lana had to literally cram three seasons worth of development into a two and a half hour finale special from what was originally a five season planned series.

Honestly, I'm perfectly happy with this outcome because it's about Kala choosing happiness. Throughout the show she has questioned whether she will ever truly be happy, conflicted with the circumstances in her life and what she truly desires, and wondering if there is something wrong with her because of it. So, why should she have to choose one or the other? Why not have both in a mutually agreed arrangement where everyone is happy? I cannot imagine it going any other way.

Although this is very polarizing for many hardcore Kala/Wolfgang shippers who wanted only them to be in a relationship with each other and for Kala to leave/divorce Rajan.

Which, okay, in a way I can understand since I've also had ships from other fandoms where I cannot see them with anyone else except for each other, so I know that feeling when you are disappointed when the endgame isn't exactly what you wanted or hoped for. However in this case, Sense8 has always been about doing things rather unconventionally along with finding other solutions to a problem. It's also a series about love and connection, and trusting your feelings/emotions and not being afraid of them. Kala went through a lot of doubting and questioning about herself in that way, about her marriage to Rajan and about her feelings to Wolfgang, and it wasn't until midway through S2 and this special where she basically is understanding these feelings and what she wants to do. I just feel like some are still stuck on the fact that Kala basically married someone she wasn't in love with at the start of the show, and the series made it seem like her obvious attraction and growing love for Wolfgang was going to make them be the ultimate endgame. Which they still are, that never changed course, it's just that Rajan is part of that relationship now too. It doesn't lessen Kala/Wolfgang in any way, shape or form, if anything I think it strengthens them because there are no more complications.

I just really like the Kala/Wolfgang/Rajan setup, which is something I didn't even realize I wanted until now. While I wished we had an actual full season of build-up, it surprisingly worked out well with how it was done, especially when you go back to the second season it kind of foreshadowed it as well. I love that it ended a typical love triangle with being a consensual polyamorous relationship. You don't get that with anything else in fiction, even when you absolutely want it to chances are it probably would never happen because mainstream media are cowards. And while it might not please everyone due to shipping preferences, it's still such a blessing that we got yet another polyamorous relationship that works so beautifully.

Sense8 gave us not only poly relationships (when will the rest of your favs tbh), it also gave us a cluster that was not 100% straight, revealing in the special that Riley had a previously relationship with a woman, and how Wolfgang is just not bothered at all being attracted to men, and how sensate clusters seem to be pansexual given their intimate connection with one another, and the final scene of the special is of yet another gorgeously shot orgy scene where it's about the equilibrium of everyone being connected and just, ugh, so beautiful.

I want to discuss other things that happened, including things that I wanted to see the outcome of but it didn't happen (mostly from other character storylines), but overall my feelings about the finale special are summed up to: it was beautiful and I'm sad that it's over.

Seriously, Sense8 is a beautiful show that didn't deserve to be cancelled. We deserved a full third season instead of a two and a half hour special finale, but as it was Lana Wachowski delivered something so amazing, wrapping up the main plot and making it about the emotional ties with the characters and their relationships with each other. As I said, there were things I wished we could have gotten to that are left unresolved with individual storylines (Sun and her brother, Capheus and the election, Lito and his movie career) and even things that were alluded to (more clusters, mysteries and such) but just didn't have time for, which I understand with the time constraint of this finale special. As a whole, the was probably one of the most beautiful finales I've seen which gives a nice wrap-up of things we wanted to see happen. Nobody died except for the bad guys, there were happy endings and characters that we wanted to get together finally got together.

So yeah, overall I am very happy with this finale special. But it just made me yearn for so much more. That is the only downside, tbh.

I'll probably make another post a bit later to detail other things, but this is what I wanted to get out of the way first. Also, I'm still rather emotional right now and I need to gather the rest of my thoughts first before talking about anything else.
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