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09 June 2018 @ 07:04 pm
The Sense8 finale special premiered yesterday, and it was a beautiful masterpiece to an already phenomenal show that deserved so much better. There is so much to talk about it with what happened, but I really want to discuss one particular point that occurred. So naturally, massive spoilers!

Kala/Wolfgang/Rajan are a fucking canon poly relationship!

(♡ ♡ ♡)

This is something that I never thought would actually happen. What's interesting is that I did entertain the idea of them having a poly relationship when thinking about all the ways how this finale could bring a resolution to Kala's situation, but I didn't think it would happen, never mind the way it happened in the finale. And honestly? I'm into it. I thought it worked really well with the limited amount of time we had with wrapping things up. Did I wish we had more time to further develop and explore Kala coming to this decision? Of course, same with everything else that happened in the finale too, because Lana had to literally cram three seasons worth of development into a two and a half hour finale special from what was originally a five season planned series.

Honestly, I'm perfectly happy with this outcome because it's about Kala choosing happiness. Throughout the show she has questioned whether she will ever truly be happy, conflicted with the circumstances in her life and what she truly desires, and wondering if there is something wrong with her because of it. So, why should she have to choose one or the other? Why not have both in a mutually agreed arrangement where everyone is happy? I cannot imagine it going any other way.

Although this is very polarizing for many hardcore Kala/Wolfgang shippers who wanted only them to be in a relationship with each other and for Kala to leave/divorce Rajan.

Which, okay, in a way I can understand since I've also had ships from other fandoms where I cannot see them with anyone else except for each other, so I know that feeling when you are disappointed when the endgame isn't exactly what you wanted or hoped for. However in this case, Sense8 has always been about doing things rather unconventionally along with finding other solutions to a problem. It's also a series about love and connection, and trusting your feelings/emotions and not being afraid of them. Kala went through a lot of doubting and questioning about herself in that way, about her marriage to Rajan and about her feelings to Wolfgang, and it wasn't until midway through S2 and this special where she basically is understanding these feelings and what she wants to do. I just feel like some are still stuck on the fact that Kala basically married someone she wasn't in love with at the start of the show, and the series made it seem like her obvious attraction and growing love for Wolfgang was going to make them be the ultimate endgame. Which they still are, that never changed course, it's just that Rajan is part of that relationship now too. It doesn't lessen Kala/Wolfgang in any way, shape or form, if anything I think it strengthens them because there are no more complications.

I just really like the Kala/Wolfgang/Rajan setup, which is something I didn't even realize I wanted until now. While I wished we had an actual full season of build-up, it surprisingly worked out well with how it was done, especially when you go back to the second season it kind of foreshadowed it as well. I love that it ended a typical love triangle with being a consensual polyamorous relationship. You don't get that with anything else in fiction, even when you absolutely want it to chances are it probably would never happen because mainstream media are cowards. And while it might not please everyone due to shipping preferences, it's still such a blessing that we got yet another polyamorous relationship that works so beautifully.

Sense8 gave us not only poly relationships (when will the rest of your favs tbh), it also gave us a cluster that was not 100% straight, revealing in the special that Riley had a previously relationship with a woman, and how Wolfgang is just not bothered at all being attracted to men, and how sensate clusters seem to be pansexual given their intimate connection with one another, and the final scene of the special is of yet another gorgeously shot orgy scene where it's about the equilibrium of everyone being connected and just, ugh, so beautiful.

I want to discuss other things that happened, including things that I wanted to see the outcome of but it didn't happen (mostly from other character storylines), but overall my feelings about the finale special are summed up to: it was beautiful and I'm sad that it's over.

Seriously, Sense8 is a beautiful show that didn't deserve to be cancelled. We deserved a full third season instead of a two and a half hour special finale, but as it was Lana Wachowski delivered something so amazing, wrapping up the main plot and making it about the emotional ties with the characters and their relationships with each other. As I said, there were things I wished we could have gotten to that are left unresolved with individual storylines (Sun and her brother, Capheus and the election, Lito and his movie career) and even things that were alluded to (more clusters, mysteries and such) but just didn't have time for, which I understand with the time constraint of this finale special. As a whole, the was probably one of the most beautiful finales I've seen which gives a nice wrap-up of things we wanted to see happen. Nobody died except for the bad guys, there were happy endings and characters that we wanted to get together finally got together.

So yeah, overall I am very happy with this finale special. But it just made me yearn for so much more. That is the only downside, tbh.

I'll probably make another post a bit later to detail other things, but this is what I wanted to get out of the way first. Also, I'm still rather emotional right now and I need to gather the rest of my thoughts first before talking about anything else.
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verdande_miverdande_mi on June 10th, 2018 10:18 am (UTC)
I was looking forward to your post about the final <3 I very much agree with you, with all you say :D

I loved seeing Kala choose both Rajan and Wolfgang. I thought all the different relationships were portrayed in a good and beautiful way.

I don't really know how to sum up what I feel, but I loved the final and was very impressed with how they did it with the little time they had. Once I am done with the upcoming week, I think I will marathon the two seasons we have just because.

I have so much love for this show and I wish we would get more stories with all of them.
Renée: Sense8. Riley Blue.rogueslayer452 on June 10th, 2018 05:17 pm (UTC)
It was such an unexpected but a welcomed surprise with how they went about solving the love triangle, because I think we're so conditioned to accept a certain formula when it comes to them that once there is a third option available (poly/OT3) it takes some people off guard. But this is Sense8, I had faith that Lana was going to do something amazing and lo and behold, she delivered.

I thought all the different relationships were portrayed in a good and beautiful way.

Sense8 is the only show where I ship all the endgame canon ships, like holy shit. They have all been developed and written so beautifully. I love them all.

I have so much love for this show and I wish we would get more stories with all of them.

This show holds a special place in my heart and soul, it's probably one of the best uplifting shows I've ever had the pleasure to watch. I know that Lana had so much more planned, so much of the plot and story and character arcs and such, but we're very lucky to have even gotten this special to begin with. I wished there could have been more, I wished she didn't have to cram so much in such a short amount of time, but somehow it worked.

I just love this show, love these characters, love these people involved. ❤
Profiterole: Sense8 - Nomi and Amanita_profiterole_ on June 10th, 2018 02:02 pm (UTC)
I dig this OT3 so frigging much! ♥ I never even considered it before and I am awed that they managed to set it up so smoothly in such a short period of time.
Renée: Sense8. Riley Blue.rogueslayer452 on June 10th, 2018 10:11 pm (UTC)
We're just so blessed. Honestly, I still can't believe it happened. :D
linda_luposlinda_lupos on June 10th, 2018 04:10 pm (UTC)
The finale was 100% fanservice and I loved every freaking minute of it (well, I guess except the scenes with Lila, she is the worst). I loved how EVERYBODY came back and had their role to play (HOW AWESOME WAS DANIELA?!). The strong part of Sense8 has always been its warmth and hopefulness about human connection, and the finale had oodles of that.
Plus it was hilarious! Especially the bit where they all dressed up like tourists. I can't imagine the fun they must have had while shooting. :D

And the Kala/Rajan/Wolfgang ending was perfect. They solved the love triangle by picking a third option! One of the things I've always liked the most about Kala's storyline is that Rajan is honestly just a decent person (ok, except for when he was set up as a bad guy in season 2 for a bit). His scenes where he finds out about the Sensates were adorable. He genuinely loves Kala and wants her to be happy. And if that means sharing a bed with a hot German (who technically is part Kala too considering their mindlink!), well... :p
Renée: Sense8. Riley Blue.rogueslayer452 on June 10th, 2018 11:29 pm (UTC)
The finale was 100% fanservice and I loved every freaking minute of it

YES! This is precisely why I loved it so much, because while I knew that it wasn't going to resolve everything that had been planned and leaving us with wanting more, I also knew that this finale wouldn't have been possible without the fan campaigning. We made this happen, and therefore Lana made sure to give the fans what they wanted, and I am forever grateful for this beautiful show. Yes, it was fanservice, and it was glorious from beginning to end.

One of the things I've always liked the most about Kala's storyline is that Rajan is honestly just a decent person

Yeah, exactly. I'll admit to being indifferent towards him at first, but in hindsight there was nothing really indicating that he was using Kala or being at all a bad person. He just loved her more than she loved him at that time, and while he might've taken a few missteps here and there he genuinely cared for her and was incredibly patiently with her, waiting for her to make that first move, and listened to her when she made her opinion known about things, whether about their personal lives or involving business decisions. Overall, Rajan is a decent guy, and I'm glad that the finale reaffirmed that by accepting Kala who she is and adapting to everything as he did.

As for the thing with S2, I didn't think they were setting him up to be a "bad guy" with that storyline necessarily, just that there were things that he was involved with that he couldn't tell Kala for her own safety, similar with how there were things that Kala couldn't tell him. If there had been a full third season we would've seen the outcome of that, but unfortunately we never will....
linda_luposlinda_lupos on June 11th, 2018 12:29 pm (UTC)
Yeah absolutely. It was a love letter to the fans, honestly, including that dedication at the end and the behind the scenes bits over the credits. We may never find out whether Lito is going to break through in Hollywood, or whether Capheus is going to make it big in politics, but in the end nobody was really watching it for those storylines. We got closure on BPO with some teasers left (that matriarch/Mother person was hugely intriguing - also I love how many women actually run the show in Sense8) and we got heaps and heaps of the cluster being awesome and adorable. Not to mention every minor NPC (even Nomi's parents!) showing up and being accepting (even if it took a pot brownie :p) and being useful. And hot - hello Detective Mun! We even learned new stuff, like that Bug can speak several languages, lol.

I feel like Rajan being a decent guy is especially significant because otherwise Kala would have had SUCH a stereotypical Indian plot - modern girl who gets trapped in an arranged marriage to a jerk of a guy while being secretly in love with someone else. But she wasn't in an arranged marriage to begin with (I like that they acknowledge that on the show, too), her fiance is a genuinely nice guy who wooed her and gave her the option to bow out when she showed doubts, and when it turns out the reason for her odd behavior is some downright supernatural shit, he is basically like "oh ok!" Haha.
With season 2, to me it did feel like they were setting him up to be a bad guy, but in a misguided way, like his friend Ajai (sp?) was setting him up for stuff which would have ramifications for Capheus's plot. I'm glad that didn't happen, though. I think him just being a nice, normal, decent person makes it harder for Kala to choose between him and the guy who she has the hots for (even though he is nearly a crime lord!), and thus it makes for a more interesting story!
Renée: Sense8. Riley Blue.rogueslayer452 on June 12th, 2018 09:42 am (UTC)
but in the end nobody was really watching it for those storylines.

Yeah, I mean, while I do want to see these storylines played out because they were part of the character arcs and it would've been fascinating to see the outcome, but in terms of the time crunch of a two-and-a-half hour finale they had to prioritize what fans wanted the most and those weren't a huge necessity. The finale was about the fans, what the fans wanted and getting closure. If we had a full season, then maybe we would've seen something of those storylines, but for what we got I'm satisfied with how everything was handled.

that matriarch/Mother person was hugely intriguing - also I love how many women actually run the show in Sense8

Seriously, that in itself was so fascinating because you know that they had so much more planned. I mean, the show had five seasons worth of story planned, but who knows? Lana had previously mentioned about already writing a third season just in case, and whether that'll be seen or not is something left in the air at the moment but I really really want there to be more in some way pls, but I love that she still is so incredibly dedicated to this show/story, all because of us, the fans.

But she wasn't in an arranged marriage to begin with (I like that they acknowledge that on the show, too)

That's something I really love about Sense8, is that it took particular stereotypes we're used to seeing and turned it all on their heads.

I think him just being a nice, normal, decent person makes it harder for Kala to choose between him and the guy who she has the hots for

Yes, exactly! Which is why I'm so confused as to why certain people in the fandom are so hellbent on villainizing Rajan all because they want Kala to only be with Wolfgang. Like, I get having shipping preferences, but the lengths some are going with justifying these preferences by making Rajan look bad when he isn't is just plain ridiculous. Because I agree with you, it makes the story so much more interesting when Kala actually cares about both these men (and they both care about her, and there's no jealousy or animosity between both the men once they meet each other either) but she has inner personal conflict on trying to figure out how to make it work, first with her uncertainty about the marriage due to her indecisiveness, and then with her feelings and attraction to Wolfgang, and then coming to terms with those feelings while trying to understand how it fits in with her marriage with Rajan; it was more about Kala kind of understanding how she can make something unconventional work in a conventional way, only to realize that she doesn't have to do everything conventionally. Again, I do wish we had a full season to kind of see all of that play out and see the entire progression of this decision and what would've come from that, but I like how it was dealt with in the finale.
~*Suzy Q*~blakmagjick on June 11th, 2018 07:39 pm (UTC)
Since I'm not going to read that whole entry since I'm not caught up...did you like how it ended now?
Renée: Sense8. Riley Blue.rogueslayer452 on June 11th, 2018 10:01 pm (UTC)
I mean, I obviously want there to be more, since it's very clear they had specific plans with the story/plot/character arcs that I really wanted to see be told, but as this finale stood it was well placed together for the limited time it had. It was bittersweet, but heartwarming and emotional, and it gave the fans what they wanted. So yes, I am very happy. Sad, and wanting more, but happy with how it was done. :)