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And the devil has a halo....

Lucifer has been picked up and saved by Netflix.

While I haven't seen the show in its entirety, it's been on my "to watch" list for some time now and I was legitimately shocked when FOX cancelled it, since I thought it was doing rather well for itself. So not only am I happy about this renewal, I'm also happy for the fans who campaigned and worked so hard to show their dedication and support of the show which certainly helped work towards negotiations.

As I mentioned previously, we live in a unique time where a combination of social media presence and the availability of different streaming services can possibly help save cancelled shows, depending on the amount of demand and noise there is which sadly can provide an unfair imbalance for smaller, lesser known shows that don't gain a lot of presence outside of their small but dedicated fandoms, which is a shame. While it still is a damn miracle when shows end up getting renewed after they are cancelled by a network, the fact that it's becoming more and more common to try and find a way of saving said show which is often spread through viral means that wasn't easily accessible many years ago is nevertheless amazing in its own right. First it was Brooklyn Nine-Nine and then The Expanse, both shows that had unique situations in their own right for being saved from canellation, and now Lucifer.

(Now, if there was a way to retroactively renew Sense8 and Dark Matter, that would not only be the icing on the cake but also the sweetest cherry on top, imho.)
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