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I'm not just a me. I'm also a we.

This is just a jumble of things I wanted to discuss regarding the finale special of Sense8, the first part are just things I absolutely adored about it and the second part will be things I wished we had seen and wished would could have happened if we had gotten a full season like we should have.

(∞ ♡ ∞)

Sense8 Finale Special, "Amor Vincit Omnia"

I already kind of discussed a bit of it previously, which was more of an overview of my views of the special as a whole, but here is a more detailed version of things I absolutely loved about this finale.

** I loved how everyone in their lives outside of their cluster just immediately accepts their situation. Like, "oh, you're a different type of human species that are emotionally and psychically linked to each other? You can be in more than two places at once? You're being hunted down by an evil corporation wanting to lobotomize you and use you for their demented agenda? Okay, cool. How can I help?" Again, if we had a full season we would have seen more exploration of that and seeing them individually getting used to this idea, but I just love how they're all like, okay this is interesting, but it also explains so much. And yeah, it's kind of nonsensical, but considering the time crunch it makes sense. Also, consider some of the main characters and their reaction to what was going on during the first season. Some of them didn't even question it, while others were thoroughly confused with what was happening to them and trying to understand it.

** Come to think of it, throughout the show they've gradually kind of brought others into the fold of what was going on, and practically everyone they did tell was cool with it. Confused, of course, and having a lot of questions, but never once did they dismiss it entirely. And I just really like the message of, even though you're scared, afraid of bringing your loved ones into the fold like that, you might be surprised with how much they will still accept you for who you are no matter what.

** Amanita and Dani teaming up to go against Whispers, especially when Dani threatens him with an excellent verbal smackdown. The delivery was beautiful, and it just made me yearn for more Amanita and Dani team-up moments while helping out the rest of the cluster like that. And as exciting as it was, it just makes me sad that we'll never get to see more characters who never met on the show until now interact like this again.

** All of them kind of living together temporarily in Paris as they were trying to figure out a way of getting Wolfgang back was amazing and hilarious. Especially Lito with being his dramatic self, lol. But I just really loved the notion of all of them being physically there together and still visiting each other, and the fact that we got to see some of that in action was wonderful and perfect and it made me yearn to see more of that.

** SUN AND MUN! Listen, while I'm a bit disappointed that we didn't get the final showdown between Sun and her brother and seeing her getting her name cleared after everything she had been through because of him (even though the S2 finale was somewhat satisfying seeing her pursuing and confronting him and him being absolutely terrified of her, as he should be), I understand that it wasn't the point of this finale. This finale was about focusing on things that fans wanted, and what fans wanted the most above the revenge plot was for Sun to be happy. The Sun/Mun relationship was blossoming from the second season and many have been wanting Sun to finally seek happiness after everything, and it was rightfully delivered here. Look at how many times she smiled in this finale! She has smiled more here than than the entire show combined! Sun deserves happiness and she finally got it. And Mun, loving and adoring her no matter what, just, ugh, they are both so adorable and sweet together, being the ultimate power couple.

** AMANITA AND NOMI WEDDING! They are married, their vows were beautiful and heartfelt and just so them, and everyone was there to witness it and it was absolutely perfect. ❤ ❤ ❤

** "This is her! The spirit of Jean-Claude!" (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

** Kala getting shot and left for dead was probably the most emotional moment of the finale, because it definitely played with your emotions. Even though you knew that something was gonna happen and that somehow she was gonna be saved (because killing off one of the main cluster would've been a dumb move for the finale special, imho, and I think Lana and Co. knew that too), it was just the moment of all of them feeling her pain and feeling her slipping away, and it's something we've seen before all of them experiencing one another's pain and sometimes near death, but this was much different. But I loved how it played out because even though Kala was shot, she was still alive and actively took part in saving her own life by guiding Wolfgang and Rajan into helping revive her. That? Was amazing and awesome, and I liked that this was something that most definitely brought them all closer as a unit by working together like that.

** The wrapping up of the BPO storyline, which was nicely done, and it also introduced new and interesting factors into the reveal of things that, yes, I wished we could have seen played out a little longer so the revelations of certain aspects, particularly with what Angelica was originally planning, so it didn't seem as rushed, but I'm glad they condensed it down to something like this that concluded what was already set in motion. It closed a particular chapter that we wanted finished in this finale, and it was done in such a satisfying way, and it left the door open for something more to the story should it continue in some other fashion in the future.

** I've mentioned this in my previous post but I'll reiterate again: I absolutely loved that they basically did away with the heteronormative love triangle nonsense that we're so often used to in media and instead went with the polyamorous route in allowing Kala to choose both Wolfgang and Rajan. Very rarely does anything in media choose that option, and this show, known for not doing anything conventionally, made sure that it resolved it in a way that made sense and did it in a beautiful way. Just, thank and bless you, Sense8, so so much. It was something I didn't realize I wanted until it was happening before my eyes and I'm happy that it went in that direction.

** And it wouldn't be Sense8 without a gorgeous orgy love scene, and I loved that it was saved for the final scene after everything was said and done. Here's something that I'll say, I usually hate sex scenes in movies/television/books because they are often so awful and awkward, but Sense8 manages to make it so goddamn beautiful and heartwarming. Like with most of the sex scenes on this show, it looked like a fucking Renaissance painting, completed with a gorgeous classical music playing over it. It wasn't a sex scene just for the sake of a sex scene, it was about the beauty of the connection between everyone, the harmony of seeing everyone together, emotionally tied to one another, after everything they had gone through and just being at peace and at an equilibrium with their lives. I couldn't have imagined the show ending on a more beautiful note.

** Special shoutout to the last shot being of the rainbow strap-on dildo (callback to the pilot episode) and the ending title card after that which thanked the fans. No, thank you, Lana Wachowski and everyone at Sense8, for creating such a beautiful show.

What Could Have Been That I Wanted

Even though the finale was absolutely beautiful that was made specifically for us to give some kind of satisfactory closure, it's still disappointing that we didn't get a full season (and more seasons, tbh) to actually explore the places that I know they were aiming for. If we just had more time, these were some of the storylines or moments I wished we could have seen unfold.

** Sun versus her brother. I mentioned this above that this was something I know they were going for, as the second season finale was any indication, that chase/confrontation scene was just the warmup of what would have eventually been Sun getting her brother to confess and finally getting the last laugh. As satisfying as the S2 finale was in seeing Sun pursuing him and making him quake in his boots at the very sight of her, it would have been more satisfying seeing her name finally cleared and for her to take over the family business, perhaps repurpose it to something better. Furthermore, I would have liked to have seen Sun reunited with the women she bonded with while in prison, keeping her promise of coming back to visit them once everything with her brother was said and done. Maybe even wanting to help them in some way with her new reinstated position, as kind of a way of thanking them for helping her.

** Capheus and the outcome of the election. Pretty self-explanatory, really.

** Meeting other clusters. We got some of this in the finale special, which I'm glad we did especially when wanting to take down Whispers and BPO, but one of the things I enjoyed about the second season was how there was that gradual build of them eventually connecting and meeting up with various different clusters, whether individually or together as a cluster themselves. Getting to see these connections and eventually leading up to what we got in this finale would have been so cool, as it would have given us a chance to see different kinds of clusters and how they operate, their relationships with each other, etc.

** The favor Nomi would eventually owe The Guy. Thanks to the anonymous guy in the Guy Fawkes mask in the second season that helped clear Nomi of any cyber footprints, he mentioned that in exchange for this he would someday ask for a favor in the future. I kind of wanted to know what this favor would be for and what it entailed. Again, a future storyline that we'll never get the answers to, but it left me super curious and how it would've been connected, or if it would've had any strong impact at all to her storyline.

** Lito and the future of his movie career. Not only did I want to see the outcome of his career after everything he had gone through and kind of starting anew, but I have an inkling that the actor they were talking with during the celebration after he was secred for the role was a Sensate himself, which probably would've been interesting. Again, that is my own speculation due to the context of their initial meeting since they spent quite a bit establishing this guy as someone Lito was gonna work with and there was quite an emphasis on that which made me go, hmmm. Then again, I think all their individual storylines would've had them interacting with other Sensates, like how Capheus connected with Sensates during his speech and how Riley was intentionally attempting to try and connect with others during her EDM concert. So perhaps this was the start of what we eventually saw in the finale. Again, we'll never know, but it's an interesting idea.

** Seeing the reactions of everyone meeting each other in person. Not just with our main Sensate cluster who only ever visited each other though never met physically in real life except for Riley and Will, but also for the people in their own lives to meet the rest of the cluster, as well. I really wanted to see Amanita's reaction to seeing all of them after hearing about them and helping them out for so long. We did get bits and pieces of Hernando and Dani and Rajan and other characters who reacted to the news about their loved ones being Sensates and what it means and their situation, but I definitely wanted to see more of an extended reaction of them processing it. Again, had the series gone on as planned, we would have seen more and more of this as it continued to bring more characters outside of the cluster into the fold.

There's definitely a bit more that I'm probably forgetting, but these are the main things I can think of at the moment. Basically, when you're fitting something that would've taken over a span of three more seasons and condensing it into two-and-a-half hours worth things are gonna be left out. I still wanted more seasons and it absolutely deserved a third if it needed to wrap it up in just one more season instead of a special finale episode/movie, and part of me wishes and hopes that someday, in the near future somehow, we'll get more to this story and our beloved characters. But regardless, as a whole I am very happy with this finale.

Once again, thank you Sense8 for being part of my life. You deserved better.

And now, give us the DVDs for Sense8 already, Netflix. We've rightfully deserved it.
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